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September 9, 2011

whew, its been a while since i used a laptop to blog! finally i can blog with all the features!

so anyway, i decided to study hard from this week onwards coz of my finals but i ended up watching U-Kiss Vampire and SNSD's Factory Girl XP (down there are the 1st episodes~ they're really very funny! XDXD!)

amazingly, i also ended up playing Twitter more~ i've tried to get Soohyun and Eli hyung from U-Kiss, EndoJidai, Xander hyung and others to reply me but no results :( but remember that girl who covered Korean songs with her english lyrics? her husband's one of U-Kiss' composers! and best of all, she, Ashlia, REPLIED ME! ^^ awesome!

 수현 형(Soohyun hyung) ! ^^ i love you!! reply me? :)
 누나 과 형!! 당신이 모두를 사랑한다! >< my korean isn't that good >< ENSD 파이팅!! 엔도지대 대박!! <3
(Unnie and Hyungs!! I love you all! >< my korean isn't that good >< ENSD Fighting!! ENDO SHIDAE DAEBAK!! <3)

one of their members followed me! ^^

to Xander hyung~

to Eli hyung~

and FROM Ashlia! ^^

and today ms NA OH MI's kinda pissed at me (and a bit at cheng) coz ngo ye hui /,\ SORRY x 100000000 d lar jie~ TT

gonna have a BBQ party at CHENG's house for the mooncake festival in her house on Sunday =] *if i can find her house XD* not gonna be able to with KW this year ='(

and im really hating my leo club now == INEFFICIENT SLOBS!! MOVE YOUR ASSES!! YOU THINK YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE BUSY??!

hmm, i think that's about it for now *smile* *blink* *blink* please pray my eyes don't explode from watching too much and that i get the urge to touch my books XD

我很想你! 她说她很想你!

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