MOONCAKE festival party @ YUCHENG's house

September 12, 2011

*most of the pictures here will be blur XD sorry*

yesterday, yu cheng invited me to a party she was having at her house :) 1st time in her house, so i was EXCITED XD but my dad had to find her house using GPS -,-

when i got there, yucheng and ms NA OH MI were making jelly~ yucheng wouldn't let me go inside HER kitchen -,-

in this position i was writing an FB status but then "WEY!" XD yucheng shouted at me "don't post!!" ! XDXD

we went outside for a while after that~ i borrowed some slippers from yucheng coz i was wearing high cut sneakers -,-

yucheng's bro and her friend starting up the bbq

we put these here first...

and we ended up drinking the red wine -,-

we took a walk around yucheng's neighbourhood and when we came back, started eating!!

yucheng's sis starting to play with candles

no one but us started eating -,-

after that, people started arriving and we finished one bottle of red wine -,- opene another one~

it was already dark~


ms NA OH MI and i played candles with yucheng's sis XD

mr MOON??!

we ate a LOT @.@ yc's mum's cao fen was NICE! and the curry too~


i got home at about 11++pm~ ms NA OH MI was sleeping over at yc's house and told me that yc was like TOTALLY DRUNK jor XD she kept on asking "ehh, who is he?","who am i?","who is ...?" and "who are you?" to her! XD SOT!

when i woke up i looked like this -,-

anyways, hope that i'll be able to go on a party like that with EVERYONE next time :]

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