September 7, 2011

Ahhhhhh!!! XD recently finished watching U-Kiss' Vampire ^^ im a certified KissMe!! ^^ and i remembered that Kevin was once a member of Xing! And i remembered his English version of 'My Girl'! nice song~ :]

You are the only one I want
You're the only one I love
Pinky-promise you this from the bottom of my heart
From the good days, bad days and the times you need someone to lean on
I'll always be there for you
You're my girl.

XD im really loving U-Kiss!!! ^^ KissMe!

And today i kept on saying this line from BY2's 我还道


>< and i realized that CHENG's Chilli friend lools like NS! 웨??! WHY??! == Anti anti anti~

also not so sure about our Leo Club project this Saturday~ they all told me it was all organized and now it turns out they haven't!! =3=

Finals are around the corner for us form 3s (its on the 26th GUA) so i'm gonna try and work harder!! I can't fail this time! I can't be all talk!! And i'll start with finishing my maths homework on time XP IMPROVE IMPROVE IMPROVE!!

Well that's about it~ i just felt like i needed to blog about something~ im all twitter now!! Mostly all about Siwon coz Heenim's not tweeting anymore TT

Anyhoo, time for me to sleep! 안녕히 주뭇십시요!
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