HOT boring day =,=

September 2, 2011

today's a REALLY boring day, home all day~
recently i've been sleeping at 4 and waking up at 12 >< but i'll be sleeping early tonight!! because tomorrow, imma be going to KL! ^^ Berjaya Times Square! ^^ im gonna take loads of pictures!

but i haven't done my holiday homework! *GASP* haven't even TOUCHED them! gonna cram in school wih my friends on monday ><

but i've been stressed this whole holiday! the reason? LEO CLUB PROJECTS! TT im gonna die im gonna die...

haiz, so anyway today i've been laying around the house playing facebook and twitter on my phone (><) and i took and edited this pic

chromo's waiting for you! 

and danced to Goodbye Baby! also zipai-ed >< but OMG its too hot for anything! my head's gonna explode! @.@

smile through the heat!


i wish it was raining like this again~ when EDMONDY LAU GOT WET! XD

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