[15.09.11] Daybreak with PLHS LEOS

September 15, 2011

*im gonna make the PLHS blog post later on, which will have more pictures :)

today we went to Daybreak Daycare Centre for the disabled~ we learned a lot~ even though what we organized wasn't so nice, at least we had a successful project :)

first, we arranged for our school photographer to help us take pics, but he disappeared -,- so i borrowed the school camera! ^^ hen hao wan! you get to take great pics and look yeng at the same time! XD but in the endmr. NG ZHENG WEI got to play with it and become today's photographer~

these are just some of the snacks~

we ordered cakes and biscuits for them :)

then when we already assembled, we walked to Daybreak. yup, you heard right, WALKED :) *except for our PRESIDENT, mr EDMOND -,- sat in Lion Cecilia's car~

i felt really good helping the people there out :) since we didn't have enough time and it was about to rain, we didn't get to clean their compound as planned :( never mind! we'll be able to do so next time! when we finished taking pics it rained -,- POI LAM HIGH, ROAR ROAR ROAR! XD

here's shots of me, yuxuan, kherwei and TIFFANY XD:

im so black here -,-

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