Osaka's Secret Shrine: Nambayasaka Shrine, Osaka

December 6, 2018 Osaka, Japan

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about Nambayasaka Shrine, a unique place I visited on my Osaka trip!

Located in the middle of Osaka, this place was one of the things my mom's wanted to visit. From Tezukayama Station we took the Nankai-Namba train to Namba Station, and from there, we walked and followed Google Maps for around 7 minutes before reaching the shrine.

In front there were these wooden boards:

We got there around 10am and the crowd wasn't that big:

The Namba Yasaka shrine is the home of Namba’s guardian deity and it contains a striking lion-shaped stage at the center.

It’s believed that the huge lion’s mouth swallows evil spirits and thus brings good luck, especially for those looking to do well in school and business. Because of this many people visit the shrine during exam time or the start and end of the financial year.

Here's some wooden tablets we saw that contained wishes:

There were not much students or people around when we visited, and the place was actually very serene and peaceful (despite being located smack in the center of the city).

In comparison the the striking stage, the temple beside it is actually pretty traditional-looking, not at all fierce like the stage.

There's nothing much to do here aside from taking pictures (at leas from a tourist's point of view), so after snapping some pics & admiring the serene garden, my family and I moved on.

Here's a pic I snapped of my Travel Recommends travel wifi, and I found it pretty funny cuz the lion looks like it's staring pretty hard at it haha

Aaaaaand that's it for this post! I hope you found it helpful and interesting.

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See you in the next post!

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