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December 27, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! For today's post I'll be sharing all about Pos Laju Tracking, how you can track your parcels and what the status updates mean.


So I buy things online quite frequently and waiting for your parcel to arrive is always super annoying. Before I started working in Althea I was quite impatient and messaged couriers/shops quite often, but after being on the other side I've learned to be more patient and understanding haha 😂


Local/EMS/domestic PosLaju tracking numbers have the format of ENXXXXXXXXXMY (the Xs are numbers) and you can track them two ways:

(V1 no longer works)

Once you enter your tracking number into Pos Laju's tracker, you can see it's status. Do note that even though it's a tracker, updates may be delayed. So far Pos Laju's updates have been pretty fast though, so that shouldn't be a big problem.

I could not find any English guide on what the status updates mean, but I did come across this helpful post from in Bahasa. Here's what the status updates mean in English:

Item posted over the counter - Your parcel has just been receuved by the post office and your barcode has just been scanned

Item posted over the counter - Consignment is processed from posting to the Post Office. This means that sending data is already available from Post Office (PO) again. When it comes to Pos Laju, it can be sent straight out.

Item dispatched out - Your parcel has left the post office where the sender sent it.

Item processed - Your parcel is being processed in Pos Laju's Parcel Hub. It's here where they divide and conquer parcels via postcode for easier and faster delivery.

Consignment dispatch out from Transit Office - Your parcel has left the Transit Office and is being sent to the nearest post office near you.

Arrive at delivery facility - Your parcel has arrived at the post office nearest to your address.

Item out for delivery -  Pos Laju's postmen will now deliver your parcel to your shipping address. They most likely will use Waze or another GPS to track your address.

Item can be collected -  Your parcel can be collected at the Post Office. This may be because they have not dispatched it to you, they've forgotten, etc. If you get this status for a few days, call Pos Laju and remind them to send it. You can also go and pick it up yourself.

Item delivered to NAME - Your parcel has reached you! The person who receives and signs the postman's form will be the one stated in the tracker.

Unsuccessful delivery. Please contact 1 300 300 300 Addressee not available - Your parcel could not be sent to your address. This is most likely because you are not at home or aware of the postman's arrival. The postman will leave a notice with a date of when he will attempt a second delivery. If it fails again, it will be up for self collection.

And that's it! I hope you guys found this post helpful! 💕  Remember to be patient while waiting for your parcels and not to lash out at the shops/sites that you buy from because they're NOT the ones in charge of shipping, the courier is.


Happy shopping, see y'all in the next post!

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