Barbie Eyesland Contact Lens Review

December 12, 2018 Osaka, Japan

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my thoughts & review on some lenses I got from Barbie Eyesland!

Barbie Eyesland is a contact lens shop which has a ready stock of Korean lenses. They ship worldwide and they offer quite a nice selection of lenses on their website.

The lenses on their site are categorized by colour & diameter:

and they offer lenses with power as well:

This time around, I was looking for some lenses to use for photoshoots + some pairs I could bring on my Osaka trip. I didn't want any circle lenses and decided to go with natural 14mm ones. 14mm is the approximate diameter of everyone's eyes, so if you're looking for lenses that will just change your eyes' colour but not really enlarge it, go for the 14mm!

I placed my order on the website on November 5 and received them 3 days later on November 8. The whole process of checking out and paying was very easy, and BE accepts most payment methods like Paypal, Visa & Mastercard.

I chose a total of 6 lenses, and I selected from their best sellers!

Oh My Pearl Choco 14mm

I got this because this looked the most natural on the site, but I couldn't decide whether to get Choco or Brown so I got both. Choco is slightly lighter than my natural eye color, but at first glance it looks like its a perfect shade match! It was so pretty that I decided to bring it to my Osaka trip hahaha. More about that below!

Oh My Pearl Brown 14mm

The lighter sister of Choco, Brown is an even lighter shade that really elevates my eyes. Its not Biblee's brown kind of light but nevertheless its still a natural light colour. Personally, I prefer Choco over Brown just because I feel like Choco is more "seamless" and nobody would suspect anything (haha) but I would definitely repurchase both Choco and Brown again next time, just because both of them look so unclockable!

Velvet Brown 14mm

I got this because in the picture of the model wearing these lenses on Barbie Eyesland, I thought that the colour was quite golden/similar to Biblee (Lee Sung Kyung)'s eyes. If you're not familiar with her, she's a Korean model/actress who has the most GORGEOUS set of golden brown eyes:

It turned out to be pretty similar, but if you compare this Velvet lens to the previous Oh My Pearl ones, it's not as seamless/flawless. I still like them though because from afar/normal selfies it makes my eyes look pretty nice and golden.

Velvet Pink 14mm

This one was a total hidden gem for me! I got the pink version from the Velvet line just cause I wanted to try them out. I was expecting the colour to look watered down/diluted on top of my brown eyes, but to my surprise it actually does look pink/lavender! I was totally surprised and I totally love the effect. It looks so magical/ethereal!

MICACON Euro Brown 14mm

In real like it's actually more brown/golden, but on the site this lens looked a bit more grayish.

Not sure if it's my lighting~ Its still pretty natural when I wear it but I think it's a bit too western/American style for my liking.

QLO Violet 14.5mm

These QLO galaxy lenses were all the rage a while back, and who's to blame? They look super pretty! I decided to get some because I'd never tried a pair on before, and I was pretty surprised how visible but natural they looked. I thought this was going to be very opaque (like those Naruto cosplay lenses), but it actually nicely blends into your eyes. The colour isn't too bright and looks almost like a natural black with just a hint of purple. Super cute!

On Barbie Eyeslands' website, it says that they recommended changing lenses every 3 months + that their lenses can be worn for up to 8 hours.

I brought along Oh My Pearl Choco to Osaka and they were a blast. First, they were super comfy to wear + felt airy and almost like nothing on my eyes.

I never really thought about them and almost forgot that they were even in my eyes! I wore them around 10am, and at the 8-hour mark it was still pretty comfy. Bear in mind that the weather in Osaka was pretty cold & windy. I think if you're someone with dry eyes you'll definitely have to bring some eye drops. However, from personal experience, I found them to be pretty comfy even after a long day of walking around outside.

Overall I really like these lenses and would recommend you guys to check it out as well. Some great points about their shop that I'd like to point out is:

1. Shopping is seamless because Barbie Eyesland's website is easy to navigate + checkout is super easy.
2. The selection of lenses is pretty good + they offer ready stock authentic Korean lenses
3. They deliver worldwide + my domestic Malaysian order only took 3 days to arrive
4. The prices are pretty good!

If you guys are looking for new lenses to try out, do check them out at!

Aaaaaand that's it for this post! I hope my review was useful and helpful to you guys out there.

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See you in the next post!

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