Moonshot Honey Coverlet Eyeshadow Palette Review

December 14, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about Moonshot's Honey Coverlet Eyeshadow Palette

One of 2018's hottest K-brands (especially because it's endorsed by Blackpink), Moonshot recently released this eyeshadow in collaboration with Yoo In Na. If you guys aren't familiar with her, she's actually a very famous Korean actress who's starred in a lot of hit dramas (like Goblin!).

Inspired by her stunning looks, the Honey Coverlet collection includes an eyeshadow palette (which I managed to get my hands on), some lipsticks and a serum foundation.

Moonshot says that this palette is for those looking to create soft makeup looks that feature a point colour that stands out. Including 10 warm shades perfect for the fall season, this palette contains 8 mattes & 2 pearl shades. 

I got the mirror set as a birthday treat on Stylekorean which costs USD37 (MYR154), but it has since then been temporarily available

However, it is still available by itself for USD25.60 (~MYR107.10)

That amounts to about RM10 per shade if you divide it. I think the price isn't the cheapest for an eyeshadow palatte nor is it the most expensive, and that Moonshot's semi-luxury price point for their products + Yoo In Na's name definitely brought up the price. Is it worth the money? Read on to find out!

Both the mirror and the palette come in these velvety boxes that feel super luxe to the touch. They're both nude in colour too:

Here's what the front and back of the eyeshadow's box looks like (minimalist and pretty!)

On the back of the box you'll see the shade names, and how you can separate them into base colours, middle colours, point colours and highlight colours.

The palette comes with a plastic protector as well:

As I mentioned there are 10 shades: 2 pearls and 8 mattes. I think the colour story is quite pretty and simple, and its definitely for those who prefer a very dainty/simple look.

I love how most of the shades are matte, because to be honest I don't really use shimmers/pearls much aside from highlighting the inner corner/center of my eye. This ratio of mattes to pearls is just perfect for me cuz I prefer to use mattes anyways!

Here's what the shadows look like on my tan skin:

They're quite pigmented when swatched on my arm! The mattes all feel super soft to the touch and don't feel dry at all. They also didn't leave much fallout when I used them so that was great. I did find the light base shades Soft Pillow, Cream Tan and Warm Cashmere a bit too light/similar on my lids, but aside from that, I could see all the other shades' colour translate well on my lids. When I dabbed my eyeshadow brush into the pans, the shadow powder did get into the other shades quite easily since the palette itself is super small. However, they're very easy to clean and didn't really pose much of a problem (not a lot came out anyway). 

Although the arms swatches were quite nice, smooth & pigmented, I did have to dip in a few times to see the colour on my lids. I didn't really mind that I had to later because it was stated on the product description that this had a soft colour payoff but could be layered to the intensity you prefer.

The pearl shades translate well on my skin, and since they're pearls they don't really look that blinding/shiny/metallic. They just provide a nice highlight to the eyes.

The look I did was inspired by one of the sample looks Moonshot showed on their site, and I think it turned out pretty well! I didn't use the pearl shade Firewood like they did and used the matte shade Dusty Rose instead, and it still turned our pretty nice. You can really layer the colours to your preference and they look so soft and pretty!

This was also the eyeshadow palette that I brought on my Osaka trip, and it was perfect for neutral/warm everyday looks!

The size of the palette is also very small, so it didn't really take up much space in my makeup pouch. Now that I'm looking back, I probably didn't need to get the set with the mirror because the palette itself already has a mirror inside, but since I'm a hoarder collector, I think the small mini mirror is still quite cute and useful.

Overall I think this palette is cute and is quite portable & suitable for everyday use. I wouldn't recommend it to someone looking for an affordable eyeshadow palette, but I would recommend this to someone who wears eyeshadow daily and is looking for a good quality palette that has good quality shadows & nice/soft color payoff.

Aaaand that's it for this review! Thanks for reading and see y'all in my next one!


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