Kiehl's Holiday Party 2018 • Kiehl's Bannecker Holiday Collection

December 14, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing about the Kiehl's 2018 Holiday Party!

Held in This year's Kiehls Christmas party was held in MAHSA Avenue, and it was there that Kiehl's first showcased their anticipated 2018 holiday collection to celebrities, press, influencers and loyal Friends of Kiehl's.

The theme was "A Christmas in New York", and the whole space was decorated & designed by American graphic artist Andrew Bannecker. Known for his use of electric colors and bold graphics, Bannecker is also the artist behind Kiehl’s 2018 Limited Edition Holiday Collection!

Apart from providing gifting ideas, Kiehl’s also aimed to give back to the community and encouraged the guests to bring their used or new children’s books to the party. There we could donate it, and all books would go to the Community Library & NGOhub to play a part in enriching the lives of underprivileged children through the power of literacy and knowledge.

The space itself was really a Christmas wonderland, and I love how festive everything felt! 

There was a huge wall of Christmas ornaments which was totally picture perfect:

And there was a snow machine that covered the ground with dreamy white snow as well! I particularly enjoyed this because the pics came out so pretty hahaha

There was an ice skating rink where you could twirl about to your heart's content:

And after my friends and I had a good twirl on the rink, we headed to the bar for some drinks!

Aside from all the fun and games, there was also a mega huge advent calendar-style mystery gift corner where you can choose a number and get a mystery gift. I was lucky enough to score a full sized Calendula toner (one of my fave Kiehls product of all time!).

There was also a tote bag making corner, where you could choose your desired quote and get it hot stamped to a blue Kiehl's tote.

It really was the biggest beauty holiday party in KL, and I felt like almost everyone who's anyone was there! I manage to take a quick snaps with mah fave girls Cherrie and Jessica as well~

There were too many peole around the product displays so I couldn't really get a nice snap, but here's what this year's holiday collection looks like:

The designs are just so cute!

Aaaand that's it for this post! I hope you guys find it interesting 💖. If you love Kiehl's products, restock them asap before the Bannecker holiday packaging is sold out!

See y'all in the next post!

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