Melvita Pulpe De Rose Face Mist Review

June 14, 2017

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my review of Melvita's Pulpe De Rose Face Mist, also known as the Plumping Radiance Duo!

This product is basically a face mist with 2x Wild Rose extract. It has an innovative Melvita duo consisting of 75% water and 25% oil (which you have to shake together to mix before using). It's supposed to re-energize and wake up the stressed out skin, as well as make it plump and radiant.

I actually did a video tutorial on how to use this mist on my Instagram, so if you haven't watched it yet, check it out below!

This mist has 3 main anti-oxidant ingredients:

1. Rose Hip Extract - to stimulate skin micro circulation
2. Rose Hip Oil - rich in Omega 3 to improve skin elasticity + prevent signs of aging
3. Wild Rose Extract: to hydrate and moisturize the skin

In terms of what it claims to be able to do, I feel like it does hydrate and my skin does feel refreshed after spraying it on!

Here's what the mist looks like before shaking:

And here's what it looks like mixed!

To be honest I never really liked rose scented products because I always found them very strong, but the scent of this mist isn't overbearing at all + it's actually kinda calming!

It absorbs pretty good and sprays pretty well (I'm usually good with 1-2 spritzes). However, it kinda finishes a bit fast, which is a bummer because I'm kinda falling in love with it!

Would I recommend this mist? Definitely! I think it's pretty worth the splurge, but mist is mist, and there are a ton of different mists out there. What really makes this stand out for me is the scent + the rose oil mixed in that really does hydrate and re-energize my skin!

You can check these babies out at any Melvita store, and each 50ml bottle costs RM145. (Click here for more details!)

And that's it for this mini review! Thank you guys so muc for reading. I also recently posted about my current fave sheet masks, so if you guys are interested in reading about that, click here!

See y'all in the next post!

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