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June 28, 2017

 Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! As you can tell from the title above and the poster below, this post is gonna be all about creating an easy brownie look with the help of these products from the brand 1028!

I'm honestly not a baking person (I'm more of an eating person lol). Since I love having themes for my blog posts, I thought it would be awesome to mix in a bakery/cooking theme with today's tutorial and review! One of the products was actually brownie themed as well, so it's all full circle. But before I talk about the products, lemme talk more about the brand!

Created on October 28, 2008, 1028 actually stands for the date the brand was created. 1028 Visual Therapy is a Taiwanese brand specially designed to work for Asian skin. I searched up their website and they actually have a lot of interesting products such as cushions, eyebrow pencils, mascaras, lip tints, concealers and even sunblock!

They're now available in Watsons here in Malaysia, and I would say the selection and range is quite good! They have cushions, eyeliners, lip tints,  eyeshadows, bases, mascaras and even sunscreen + cleansers!

With the aim of therapy, all of 1028's products are infused with ingredients that are great for the skin, which means they not only make you look good on the outside, they also help your skin from the inside.

For today's recipe, I'll be using 6 products that I got from 1028:

I'll be going through my thoughts, review and tutorial for each product along this post, so without further ado, let's get started!

This eyeshadow palette is actually part of 1028's dessert series, the other two being macarons and mont blanc. This brownie one looked the most attractive to me because it had neutral shades that look pretty + would match well with me!

Inside the palette are a sponge applicator, a small blush for blending, a mirror and six eyeshadows:

The shades are all shimmery, but shade #1 is slightly less glittery/shimmery. Shade # 2 is the perfect bright highlight colour while Shade #3 is more of a bronzy highlight colour.

#5 is a warm, chocolate-y brown shade, and #4 & #6 look pretty similar at first but after swatching them, #4 is more golden while #6 is darker.

The pigmentation is really intense (OMG #2 is so damn blinding!) and the powders are quite soft to the touch. There's not a lot of fallout and it's not patchy at all too!

I decided to create a smokey/brownie look inspired by the theme of the palette, and its pretty simple! Since I'm just starting out with eyeshadow, I feel like this palette would be great for beginners like me. The colours are easy to blend + totally would match any look.

Step 1: Use the lightest shade (#1) as a base and put it all over the lid as a transition colour:

 Step 2: Using the shade #5, put it all over the lid with a packer brush, followed by softening it out with a blending brush:

Actually just that alone looks very pretty right!

Step 3: To deepen the eyes, add the darkest colour (#6) on the end of the eye like a wing, followed by softening it out using a blending brush.

Step 4: To highlight the inner corners of the eye, use the brightest shimmer shade (#2) and apply it with a detail brush:

Step 5: To further add dimension to our eyes, add the bronzy highlight (#3) to the balls of your eye with the sponge applicator (or your finger), then blend it out:

And tadah: super easy smokey brownie eyes!

I really like this palette and I feel that any beginner would too! You can definitely go simple with just one shade or even create a fancy cut crease! My initial idea was to actually create a cut crease look because the shade #1 & #2 would be perfect for it, but my makeup skills still need improving haha.

For the price, intensity of pigmentation + easiness to use, I would totally give this palette a 4.5/5! I would like it better if it had more shades (especially matte ones), but does what's it promises and it delivers great results. Looking forward to more palettes from 1028!

To be honest before getting this eyeliner, I practiced drawing on my eyeliner a lot with a super cheap eyeliner I bought. I really experimented a lot with the type and shape of the liner that I wanted until I settled for the one that looked best on me: Korean puppy liner!

When I got this, I was totally surprised by the thin brush and the precision it gave. I didn't really want a super obvious liner look, just a subtle natural line.

The thinness and softness of the Infinity Longwear liner lets me determine the exact liner look that I want!

To draw on my liner, I usually map it out first, followed by filling it in:

The colour is black and can be built up to be super black. The consistency is thin/watery & dries quickly to be smudgeproof!

It looks very subtle and looks like an extension of my eyelid/eyelashes even hahaha. I use this liner all the time now, so 1028 strikes again! 😍😍😍

I love love love mascara because it makes your eyes so big! Compared to other mascaras I tried, the Hook Mascara from 1028 has a big wand whose bristles are pretty far apart, making your lashes long and fan out beautifully.

It has a bigger wand and its bristles are futher apart compared to other normal masaras:

First I curl my lashes with an eyelash curler, followed by coats of the mascara.

Even though I don't have false eyelashes on, can you see how long my lashes became?!

I prefer eyebrow powder over eyebrow pencil because I can be more precise with a brush, but 1028 managed to surprise me once again!

This eyebrow pencil is double ended and has a spoolie for blening on one end + the pencil on the other. The pencil's edge makes it very easy to draw sharp lines for precise eyebrows (which is totally my style!)

I get a lof of people on Instagram asking me how I draw my Korean straight brows, and its actually very simple. First, you have to draw two straight lines above and below, connecting them at the tail:

This is why sharpness and precision is very important to me, so I love how precise I can draw my lines using this pencil.

Next, fill in your brow and leave the front part empty. You then use the other side (spoolie) to ombre it out + make sure your brow is evenly coated.

Tadah: Straight Korean brows! ðŸ˜Š As you can see I like my brows to be super thick, but you can also do a very subtle, natural look with this eyebrow pencil as well.

This essence cream is an ultra lightweight cream that has hyaluraunic acid + ceramide. If you didn't already know, those two ingredients are very popular because they deeply hydrate and moisturize the skin!

Unfortunately although this is in shade #2 (Natural Beige), it didn't really match with my tan skin tone:

However, I can use it for highligting. I find that it's very smooth and kinda evens out the skin. It has SPF30 in it as well, so its actually a very good base! Super sad that it doesn't match me ðŸ˜­ If you happen to pass by Watsons, definitely swatch it and try it out!

Last but not least is this oil control powder! After my usual foundation routine, I use this to mattify and set my beat. You can either use the puff to "bake" your foundation or use a fluffy powder brush.

Its not totally translucent and actually has a bit of coverage to it. The powder is super fine, and you can actually use it on your bare skin throughout the day! I don't wear makeup everyday, but I do secrete oil everyday. As a person with oily skin, I don't really want to look shiny all the time. The puff + the mirror included is very useful for when I wanna do a quick fix and mattify my skin.

So that was my review and thoughts on these products from 1028! I really love the quality of the products, and if I were to choose my favourite, it would be a tie between the eyeliner and the brownie eyeshadow palette! The mascara comes next followed by the powder + eyebrow pencil. I do like the essence cream, but I hope they develop more shades so more people can enjoy it!

Other than that, I think the price range is very reasonable as well. Although its not super cheap, its reasonable in the sense that the quality justifies the price ðŸ‘Œ You can always try out the products while you're in Watsons before you purchase it!

(Btw: did you guys know that 1028 appeared in Ssinnim's vlog when she visited Malaysia?)

If you guys are interested in learning more about 1028 and their products click here to check out 1028 on Watsons! You can also click here to visit their Facebook page! Remember to use #1028_MY #watsonsmy if you do get anything! 😉

Andddd that's all for this post! I hope you found in helpful and liked my pictures + review as well ðŸ˜‰ see y'all in the next post!


  1. WOW! That's a super complete post.. Thanks for sharing the products with your own examples.
    I just fall in love with this brownie eyeshadow palette.. looks so awesome. ��
    I'm a huge fan of eyebrows also, mine is going out soon so it's probably that I will buy this one from 1028 to try it, it looks great on you. <3

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by Sonia, I'm glad you found my review helpful! 💕 Yes, you should definitely try the eyebrow pencil + the eyeshadow palette out!

  2. Great review! Love the baking-themed photos very much! I can see that you put in a lot of efforts in the photography part! The brownie eyeshadow palette is a need! Perfect for daily make up.

    1. Hi Princess, yup! I did put in a lot of effort, thanks si much for dropping by and reading (and complimenting! 💕). Hope you enjoyed my review!

  3. I'm in love with your photos! The eyeshadow resembles a contour palette as they all are neutral tones. Love it!

    1. Hi Christine, thanks for dropping by my post! Yup the shades are perfect for "safe" neutral looks, especially for me who's not very adventurous and usually sticks to natural/neutral looks 😆 glad you enjoyed my review! 💕

  4. Woahhh! I really amaze with you editing effort. Thumbs up! 👍🏻
    By the way, my favorites goes to powder, brow definer, eyeliner and hook mascara! I drag those products along with me during travel.. wuuhuu~

    1. Hi Shafiqah, thanks for dropping by! Yup, totally in love with the mascara, eyeliner and powder as well!

  5. Hi Eros, dropping by to read yours! Everything are so detailed! Definitely need to check out all the products OMGGG my wallet gonna cry soon I guess T__T

    1. Hi BabyyyPanda ♥, thanks for dropping by! Hahaha its okay because the pigmentation and quality is quite good!

  6. Gosh! Your review was a totally complete package, it's like i'm reading a amagazine, your photos are perfect, your theme is fit on the products, haha which i love the most about what you said on the products is (which means they not only make you look good on the outside, they also help your skin from the inside.) And lastly, A- for the effort. And oh your blogs/vlogs/reviews are fun to read. Plus your youtube videos also.

    Keep it up.

    Crissel Ann

    1. Hi Crissel, thanks you so much! ♥ Still a lot to improve on but I'm glad you enjoy my content!

  7. wow! I love the way you edit yourself into the baking themes <3



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