Cutepress Beauty and The Beast Romantic Light Highlighter Review

June 22, 2017

Hi guys, welcome to my review of Cutepress' limited edition Beauty and The Beast Romantic Light Highlighter!

If you guys remember, I shared about this highlighter on my late April Haul video as well as my Instagram, and I'm finally here to share my thoughts about it!

Cutepress is a Thai brand, and when the Beauty and The Beast movie came out, they released a special collection featuring eyeshadows, liquid lips, highlighters and face mists.

My colleague Bo went back to Thailand and since it was still in store, my co-workers and I managed to get a few of the items. Anis got more products like the eyeshadow palette and the rose face mist:

I only settled for the highlighter. There's 3 shades and I got shade no. 02 Champagne Light.

For 1.7 grams, it comes in a small plastic unit with a pretty gold design. The unit comes with a mirror inside, and the box has a drawing of Emma Watson on it!

Champagne Light is a yellow, golden highlighter, and since I was used to a peachy/bronzy highlighter this was quite new for me.

Although it looks peachy in the pan, its actually more light yellow once applied:

After countouring my cheeks, I usually run my fan brush through the powder and sweep it over my cheeks until I'm satisfied with the intensity/glow.

Although it does have shine and is reflective, at first I thought I wasn't gonna like this highlighter because it looks quite subtle (and I'm all about that glow life). Its very natural and pretty, and I guess it does look good if you're aiming to have that Asian natural healthy glow look. You can get a super blinding highlight, but you'll have to layer on a few layers (which I guess isn't bad since you get to choose the intensity you want it to be).

Its definitely very pretty and the powder is quite fine and smooth (not chunky and easy to blend with a fan brush). Overall I'd give this a 5 out of 5 because I did end up liking it + the packaging is pretty cute!

It only cost 229 baht (around RM28), so for the price point + payoff + given that it's a local Thai brand, I'd say it's pretty affordable and worth it! If you or your friends are ever in Thailand, definitely check this brand out and take a look at their products! They also released a Little Mermaid & Alice in Wonderland collection before!

And that was it for this short post! As always, thanks for reading, see y'all in the next post!

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