Canmake Lip Tint Jam Review (All Shades)

June 19, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing my review and my thoughts on Canmake's latest Lip Tint Jams!

As a boy who just started experimenting with makeup, I would always leave my lips untouched. I feel like I was too scared to wear bold lipstick or liquid lips because it would look too weird and I wasn't confident enough. I did tons of research and came to the conclusion that I should start with natural lips first, and to do that I should try out lip tints.

These lip tints from Canmake are newly launched, and they're actually pretty unique. The packaging is pretty simple but pretty cute! It has a Victorian-esque packaging and the fact that it's so small makes it easy to carry around.

There are three shades, 01 Cherry Jam, 02 Mango Jam and 03 Plum Jam.

Shade 01 Cherry Jam is the perfect red shade, and it's my most used one out of the three. Shade 02 Mango Jam is a more orange-y tint and Shade 03 Plum Jam gives a deeper more purple tint. They look ULTRA natural, and you only really need a few coats. It has quite a good staining power too.

Usually, lip tints would come in a liquid form, but this one comes in a jelly jam form!

I apply this on my lips with the applicator and although the jam is quite thin, it gives a natural and pigmented colour payoff!

This tint gives the lips an instant burst of color but it doesn't feel like there's nothing on your lips.Its not sticky at all and the color lasts quite a long time (even after eating there's still a flush of colour), but touch ups are necessary for longer wear.

For a better effect, remember to exfoliate your lips + use lipbalm before applying the tint. You'll get super smooth lips with an even colour!

I literally could not stop using this the first week that I got it because it just looked so natural! Shade 01 really makes it look like my lips are naturally flushed and rosy.

You can either use it by itself or mix both to create a gradient effect. You could also layer some concealer/foundation on the upper and lower lip to make the colour pop + you gradient nicer.

This lip tint is available in several stores in Malaysia like Sasa for RM39.90. For the effect it gives I think it's quite worth the investment.

If you would like to try these out for yourselves, lucky you, I'm doing another giveaway! 🎉 All you have to do is head over to my Instagram and you'll know more about how you can win. Good luck!

Always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!


  1. Jam jelly lip tints sounds easier to apply compared to water tints! :o Curious to know if there's any taste to it though

    1. Hey Candace! Yup it definitely is much easier! It has a slight bitter taste to it, so when you lick your lips its slightly weird haha. To avoid that I usually prep with a lip balm! 😊


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