Half Moon Eyes Milky Jelly Toning Essence

June 2, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be posting my review of Half Moon Eyes' Milky Jelly Toning Essence!

The Butterfly Project recently did a shout out about this product and asked a few bloggers on who would like to review it. If you guys remember, I actually got this toner from Althea Korea's Superfood Box back in December last year (click here to read all about that!).

I ran out of my other toners and was left with only this, so I was kinda forced to faithfully use this as I had no other toner haha. Did I end up liking it? Read on!


This toner is actually a 3 in 1 product that acts as a toner, booster and essence at the same time. It's mild and is recommended for sensitive and oily skin (aka me!)

I used this mostly as a toner because as you can see, it has some silica powder at the bottom which needs to be shaken before use. 

The liquid part was also described by their site as an astringent, which (if you all didn't already know) I prefer over mild toners.

The description says that this product is for skin problems like:

1. Tight skin after washing
2. Dry skin
3. Lack of moisture
4. Pore and sebum care
5. The tiring steps of using 3 separate products

The clear and light texture of this product is supposed to absorb quickly into the skin and not irritate the skin at all.


I got mine as part of Althea Korea's Superfood Box, but you can also get it by itself + a box of cotton pads for RM65.


The packaging comes in a normal 180ml plastic bottle. 

The bottle also has markings for easy tracking of how much product you have left. In my experience of using only this toner, 180ml lasted me around 4 months.


This toner has fig extracts which are rich in minerals and vitamin C, iron and calcium. It also has tea trea leaf water (which helps tighten skin), pomegranate (which prevents aging), mulberry (which increases collagen content) and ginko nut (which is rich in anti oxidants).


It has a smell similar to Piolang's Raspberry Hair Vinegar except it's not very pomegranate-ish. It's clear at first but once you shake the silica powder, it mixes into a semi opaque white liquid:


Since this is a toner + booster + essence, you can shake it and pour a bit on a cotton pad and swipe in an upwards motion (like you would a normal toner) or you can pour a few drops on your palms and pat it gently onto your skin. Although the latter method is quite hydrating, I preferred to use this more as a toner with a cotton pad.


The toner I was using before this was an astringent, so I definitely noticed the difference in "strength". This one is definitely a milf product, and at first, I thought it wasn't doing a great job and was only so-so. After using it for a while, I realized that my skin was actually doing great! Although its mild, it manages to remove my excess sebum and kind of control secretion as well.

As for the efficacies it promises:

1. Tight skin after washing - not really, I felt that my skin felt no difference in tightness.

2. Dry skin & lack of moisture - this was a hydrating moisturizer and didn't strip too much of my oils that I felt super dry (like with an astringent). As an essence it feels pretty hydrating, so I think this would be great for people with dry skin as well.

3. Pore and sebum care - Yup, like I mentioned above it was pretty good on the sebum side. The pore-shrinking powers of this isn't very miraculous but I think I can say that my pores did look pretty good after using this for a while (not large/inflamed)

4. The tiring steps of using 3 separate products - I think even if you say that this is a 3-in-1 product, skincare lovers like me would still layer on more products anyway, so this point isn't really a big plus for me haha. Although it is moisturizing and toning at the same time, I would still prefer to layer on my essences and serums afterward.


I unexpectedly like it! As I said at the beginning I was a bit underwhelmed but after using it in the long run I kind of found myself a bit sad once it finished.


Would definitely repurchase this! I'd also recommend it to someone who's looking for a mild toner that's not too harsh. Although the silica powder may be a down for some, I didn't really mind it and wouldn't mind using this toner again.

And that was it for this review! Thank you guys so much for reading πŸ’• See y'all in the next post!

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