Café pour la peau ☕ Dirty Benefits Minty Wonderland Coffee Scrub Review

December 7, 2016

Je veux une tasse de café? Please don't laugh at my French, I used Google Translate 😂 Today's post's title "Café pour la peau" means "coffee for the skin", and its because I'll be sharing one my current skincare obsessions: Dirty Benefits' Minty Wonderland Coffee Scrub!

I've been trying so many skincare products for the past few weeks and although most of them were amazing (like Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Serum), this scrub by Dirty Benefits blew my mind. I'm obsessed!

Before we get to what this scrub has done for me, I'm going to tell you guys about my experiences and first impressions about coffee scrubs in general.

I'm a coffee lover. I wouldn't say I'm a coffee addict, but I'm definitely an avid coffee drinker. It's my choice of drink when I'm at cafes, at work, at home and at mamak shops (okay the mamak part might not be 100% true. Who can resist Teh Ais?)

The veeeeeery first time I heard about coffee scrubs was about a year ago I think. just started selling Dirty Benefits products on their site, and after a quick Google search, I found out that coffee scrubs were currently a skincare trend. Passing it off as a fad that would eventually fade off, I didn't dive further into it and just stuck to my sugar scrubs.

A lot of coffee scrub brands have popped up since then, but a few weeks ago I came across a picture on my Instagram feed of one of my college seniors using Dirty Benefits' coffee scrub. She said it was amazing and again, my interest was piqued.

I searched up the benefits of coffee scrubs and here is a list of benefits:

1. Great as an exfoliator
2. Softens skin
3. Reduces cellulite
4. Rich in anti-oxidants
5. Tightens & brightens skin
6. Soothes skin & helps with inflammation

Lucky for me, Dirty Benefits was generous enough to send me their latest products to try out for myself! This year they have a Christmas Bundle which includes the Minty Wonderland Coffee Scrub as well as the Minty-Rose Foot Soak:

Just a disclaimer, although these products were sent to me, I wasn't paid to make a review. I'm making a review purely out of my good experience with this product and because I'm truly honestly obsessed with it. I haven't gotten the time to test the foot soak (what with my busy schedule), so I'll get back to you guys with that soon.

On the box, it says that the scrub is made from 100% Arabica coffee, coldpressed grapeseed oil, organic cane sugar, pink seasalt and peppermint essential oils.

It smells like what you'd expect ground coffee to smell like. It has a heavy coffee smell with a tinge of minty freshness. So Christmas-y!

On the packaging it says to get wet and to rub a handful of the scrub in a circular motion.

I usually take a tablespoon's worth of product onto my hand and that's usually enough for my entire face. Be careful when getting the product out of the tub because it might overflow.

To demo for you guys I just took half a tablespoon. I did this because I usually use this product when I'm taking a shower and I kinda didn't want to have a whole naked photoshoot haha.

Anyway, once your face is wet and you have the coffee on your hands, rub it onto your face in a circular motion. I find that it works better if you add a bit of water to your palms, make it a bit  pasty/sticky and then put it on your face. This will minimize the amount of coffee that will "fly away" when you apply it (since its wet and sticky)

So he're what it looks like when you I have it on:

As I mentioned, I use this product when I'm in the shower. You can use this scrub for your arms, legs body, elbows, knees, etc.

I friggin love this product. I love my sugar scrubs but this is just on another level! Compared to sugar scrubs, this one instantly softened my skin. I had no words the first time I used it. My cheeks were like the cheeks of a baby's ass!

It definitely softened my skin. As for the other benefits that coffee scrubs are supposed to give:

Great as an exfoliator
Yes! Aside from being soft, my skin also feels smoother and after toner there's isn't much dead skin cells, just coffee residue. (I'll talk about that later)

Tightens & brightens skin
My skin doesn't feel super tight but it does feel plumper and more hydrated. In terms of brightness there is a good bright vibe on my face but I don't think it lightened it or anything.

Soothes skin & helps with inflammation
 I don't have any acne now and I didn't break out from this.

One thing I don't like about this product is the packaging. It's very easy to overspill the product when you're pouring it onto the palms of your hands. I thought about it and you can't really put this in a tube. Compared to other coffee scrubs that come in a paperbag, the glass tub is actually more convenient.

Also, another observation I had was after using it and washing the scrub away, there's always leftover light brown on my cotton pads when I apply toner. This means that after using it you should definitely double cleanse to remove any excess.

Finally, I really like the mint smell of this scrub. I think that if it was just the coffee I'd be a bit overwhelmed. The mint hides some of the heaviness of the coffee scent and it makes it smell fresher too.

Bottom line? I LOVE IT! It's definitely not the gimmicky product I first thought it was. It makes me have softer, smoother cheeks and gives me a healthy glow too.

As I mentioned, Dirty Benefits is available on, but its also available on its own website at

This jar/tub costs RM49 and has 90g of product in it. I only exfoliate once a week, and if my estimations are correct, you can use this around 12-15 times (which is 3-4 months).

The Christmas Bundle I mentioned costs RM86 for both this scrub and the foot soak, and I'd say it's a pretty good deal.

If you guys are interested in buying stuff from them this holiday period, use coupon code DBxNEWYEAR10 to get RM10 off your purchase from now till January 31!

Thanks again to Dirty Benefits for sending the products, they were definitely a great early Christmas surprise! I can't wait to try out the foot soak. Thanks again team Dirty Benefits!

And that's it for my honest review of Dirty Benefits' Minty Wonderland Coffee Scrub. I hope you guys found it interesting and informative.

As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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