The Butterfly Project Christmas Party, +Wondermilk Publika

December 19, 2016

Christmas is definitely in the air! Yesterday I attended The Butterfly Project's Christmas Party and my gosh did I have a blast!

Before we start can we just take a moment to admire these antlers? I got them from Daiso and I don't want to ever take them off ever again 😂

The party was held at this petite cafe called +Wondermilk in Publika.

I've never been there before but I have heard of it before. It's actually on my list of cafes to visit!

The party started around 3pm but my brother Euri and I arrived around 2pm~

Wondermilk is well known for their cakes, especially for their cupcakes!

They have a wide assortment of flavours and designs available:

They have cakes available too (which I believe are called Lola cakes).

Goddess Tammy (who organized the party) and her team from Althea (Anis, Sydney and Bo) worked super hard in organizing the party, so before anything else I'd like to thank y'all! (Leonard and Tammy's Baby G too! I'm not sure who else directly organized the party but I'm thankful all the same).

There was a buffet style lunch available:

As well as different desserts to choose from! OMG I was being a sociable and well mannered person but tbh I would have stuffed my face in the cakes, cupcakes and cookies! All throughout the party I was telling myself  "no Eros...stop...the carbs...the sugar...noooooo".

The cake frosting was so good omg 😭

The cupcakes were nice but I think I liked the choco cookies better, especially the chocolate covered part 😂

Aside from food, Tammy had also arranged gift bags for everyone! Everyone got a paper bag full of goodies:

Inside each bag is a box of skincare goodies from Althea:

I'm most excited to try this Guerisson product out (cuz I've seen it everywhere)

There was also a whole lot of samples from Too Cool For School:

and a sticker notebook set~ Everyone also got party packs:

And the girls all got a bag of Canmake products to review!

First order of business after getting the goodie bags was eating (of course hahaha)

I shared a table with Anis, Sydney, Dash and Euri. (Ritney joined us later~)

And most of it was just talking to each other and meeting other bloggers. A few days before this event I actually officially met Bo. She worked at iPrice before and was still working there when I first joined, but being scatterbrained me, I have no recollection of ever seeing her there 😅 sorry Bo! Anyway, here's a pretty pic of us:

After eating, it was time to exchange gifts! The person who got me was Leona:

And I'm super thankful for her present! I got a set of 4 masks from The Face Shop:

I got Maple and to be honest I kinda felt bad because my present wasn't as great as the others 😅 Sorry Maple, I'm a budgeting intern~ Also I forgot to take a pic with you so if you're reading this, please send me the pic we took on your camera!

Overall I got quite a lot of things from the party! Not that it was the highlight of the party. I actually think the interacting part was the best.

Almost everyone was chatting amongst themselves and meeting new people. I got to meet new bloggers like Candace, Shay & Sylvia (who I also forgot to take pics with 😅) and Ritney!

Here are a few more selfies:

with Anis & Bo

with Shin May & Sharon 
finally met Nicole! I actually came across her blog last time and I was too shy to mention it haha

here's me and Leonard~

Me, Suki and Bo~

and last but not least, me and Grace!

It was definitely a fun afternoon, and here's everyone together for one massive group pic! 

Everyone slowly filtered out till it was just us few chatting & taking pictures. I'm definitely looking forward to attending more Butterfly events in 2017 with these awesome people 💕

Once again, thank you Tammy for the invite and for throwing an awesome partay!

If you guys wanna attend cool events like this as well, definitely check out The Butterfly Project!

Also, Althea recently launched their mobile app! Go download it now and get RM30 for all purchases above RM100! Definitely a great deal this Christmas Season 💕

They also have limited edition blue boxes for the holiday season, so do get you hands on them while you can!

Thanks so much for reading and as always, I'll see you guys in the next post!


  1. Looks like everyone have lots of fun during the Christmas party!
    Wish to join next year since this year I can't make it have to spent time with my parents :'(
    (ps:the antlers is so cute by the way haha)

    1. Hey Tiffany! Hope to see you in the next Butterfly event!


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