Demeter Cushion Perfume Review

December 26, 2016

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my review of Demeter's Cushion Perfume that I got from 0.8L!

For you guys that aren't familiar with 0.8L, I did a video about them before:

Basically they give products away to people (not just bloggers, anyone can get products!) and all you have to do is write a review in return!

Anyways this time around I got a cushion perfume from a brand called Demeter.

I was actually really intrigued by this product because I've never heard of a cushion perfume before, and the only cushions I knew about before this were BB cushions!

As you can see, its small and cute. The packaging is extra cute like OMG I almost died. It's Moomin! You might have seen him here and there~ He's a popular Korean character and I'm not exactly sure if he has a show/has a comic/is a guy or a girl, but I know Bom had a lot of Moomin plushies in Roommate!

Similar to a BB cushion, you have a puff that you use to apply the product:

So you just have to press onto the cushion/sponge to get the product.

To be honest, using the cushion is slower compared to spraying, and the smell isn't as strong. However, there is still a faint smell. In conclusion, I'm not mad at it.

Where this product lacks in convenience, it makes up for its scent! The "default" smell in the cushion when I got it was Icelandic Aurora and omg it smells so good! It really smells like Fossil's 1954 for Women perfume! How I wish I could attach it to this blog post for you guys to smell. Its a fresh and light scent that's perfect for everyday use. If I could only get a bottle!

I also received 8 more refills for this, so that's pretty good. I can't wait to smell the other scents!

And that's it for this short review! If you too would like to received cute products like this for free, check out 0.8L Malaysia's FB page here,

As always, thanks for reading and see you all in the next post!


  1. Got here because of Bom lol. Actually, the Moomins are from Finland. It is a popular book and comic strip series there. The character she usually has is called Moomintroll. Other characters here:

    1. Hi Tep, thanks for commenting! I didn't really know anything about Moomin except that Bom likes it 😅 thanks for sharing! 😃


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