My 2016 Xmas Wishlist

December 8, 2016

Hello everyone! Christmas is just around the corner and what better way is there to waste our time than window shopping? I've been going EVERYWHERE wanting to buy EVERYTHING. At the beginning of my internship I thought that my salary was quite okay, but now...I'm so close to breaking into a bank really 😭

So instead of spending this Christmas in jail, I thought I'd share with you guys some of the things that have been bugging me and making me question whether I need all of my organs or not~

1. Fenty slippers by Rihanna

I think I mentioned this in my birthday wishlist a month ago, and I still want it! Ok la, now I kind of see why people say its not worth it. I can't wear it when I go to the toilet (fur will get wet), I can't wear it outside (fur will get dirty) and I don't even wear slippers inside the house in the first place. Its just a pure shameless WANT.

2. Victoria's Secret EDT

I love love love the scent that Caryn gave me for my birthday! If you didn't already know, one of my BFFs Caryn gave me this cute body mist set (in Temptation) and I wanna spray myself with it everyday!

The problem with the body mist is that its more subtle that an EDT/perfume and only lasts till around 2pm/3pm. You can still smell it when you smell my shirt but when I walk past someone its highly unlikely that they'll smell anything. I want everyone to smell me from a kilometer away and know that Eros is coming 😂 jkjk

3. Moschino Fresh

This is another EDT~ I haven't finished my Versace Eros because I find it a bit formal and heavy (I only use it for events). Fresh's scent is lighter and I feel like its more suitable for daily use.

4. Exo comeback

Okay this is a totally random Xmas wish and I know that they have a Christmas album in the works, but PUH LEASE. I need a full album with a lot of symbolism and all that good stuff. I feel like BTS's fandom/fanservice/concept game is strong, but Exo's game hasn't been on the same level. Not saying their songs and dances are bad, just that i miss their conceptual days. I LIVED for the Mama era, I LOVED the XOXO era and I DIED during the EXODUS era, but all the floating whales, hospitals and dark alleyways need to stop. Give me EXO with their superpowers! Continue their creation myth with the tree of life! GIVE ME SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE ME THINK OF THEM FOR DAYS.

I'm not obsessed by the way, just thought I'd get that out of my system.

5. Polaroid

One of my wants since I was in highschool! There's just something about the manual flash and the instant-ness of polaroids that make me so happy. Although the basic Instax would be good, let's step it up a bit. I searched up a few months ago what a good polaroid for selfies would be and that's when I found out about the Instax Mini 70. I want!

6. A new wallet

I got the wallet I'm currently using from my parents when I got my CIE O level results. For bragging purposes I shall attach a picture of my face on a Chinese newspaper.

Anyways, I love maroon and its been very sturdy and durable, but I feel like its time to upgrade into something better. Something EXPENSIVE 😂 I've wanted a long wallet for the longest time now too...

7. Zoeva Brush set

The makeup brushes that I'm currently using are from Cerro Queen (click here for review) plus a blending brush and contour/powder brush from H&M. I really really really want a fan brush for when highlight 😭 I also wanna try applying foundation with a brush (I've always used sponges)

8. Makeup pouch

While we're on the topic of makeup, I also want a new pouch. I saw this nice burgundy one at H&M that's the perfect size, but I just can't seem to bring myself to buy it.

9. Fantastic Beasts Original Screenplay

I loved the movie and I'd love to also read this! I'm not sure how it'll be like will it be like a script? Or a book like the original 7? Idk I just want it to satisfy my inner Potterhead.

10. The Althea Christmas Box

I admit, I'm a hoarder. I like keeping pretty things that I obviously won't use. Last Christmas Hermo had a special editiom Christmas box and the shopaholic in me just died. I ordered around the same amount as my friend Fufy and we ordered at the exact same time, but wtf I didn't get it. I got the normal carton box. I was sad at first but when I got to look at it closer it was just a thin carton box. Thinking back, I only really wanted it because I was in my Hermo-crazy stage.

This year, my new love Althea has limited edition Christmas Boxes! I don't even want anything in it, I just want the box. I do use the boxes la, when I travel back and forth from KL to Melaka/Penang/Ipoh. Call me cray but I WANT THAT XMAS BOX. Some more all of Althea's boxes are super thick, sturdy and cute.

11. Versace

One of my favourite ateliers, I didn't even know that Donatella released a book. I want it because I wanna read more about the House of Versace and everything Versace. And let's face it, it the closest I'm gonna get to Donatella and her designs.

12. Nintendo 3DS

I put this on this Xmas wishlist for no other reason than to play Pokemon. Specifically Pokemon Sun & Moon! I downloaded Platinum on my S6 and play it on an emulator (please don't sue me) but the feels just aren't the same. I read that there's a bunch of new perks in Sun & Moon like special Alola forms only for the Alola region and that its Hawaii themed.

And as an extra because I'm currently craving for it, I also want a green tea dessert. Any cold green tea dessert and I'm in.

I hope this post wasn't too boring and that you enjoyed my mini rants. I feel like there's too many things that I want but I won't be able to get any of them because #TeamFood

Anyways, thanks as always for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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