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December 14, 2016

Its been over 2 months since my last diary post, so today I'll be sharing what's happened so far. These two months have mostly been me working, but there have been a few fun moments. As always, my diary posts will be a bit random cuz its filled with bits and pieces of the past few months, so do bear with me ðŸ˜‚

First thing's first! I realized I haven't posted about the winners for my blogiversary giveaway here on my blog. I actually contacted them via DM and I sent the prizes to them last month~ If you're curious, I gave away 4 sets of skincare products & face masks:

The winners are:

Instagram - yong_renee - Clean Set
YouTube - ElleAlly - Berry Set
Facebook - SeuriWa - Brightening Set
Instagram - potterxhufflepuff - Soothing Set

I also had another collab/giveaway with Dirty Benefits this weekend! I promised to give away 1 set of their Christmas bundle including the Minty Wonderland coffee scrub and the Minty Rose foot scrub. 

And the winner is @jsantika!

Congratulations to everyone who won! I hope you guys enjoy the gifts. I'll definitely be having more giveaways so do follow me on my social media to stay updated!

So, onto the diary. My friend Fufy was in town quite a few times. We went to Ikea one afternoon and legit had a feast:

Her friend Carmen was like "You guys eat so much!". I guess we always order a lot so can take nice food flatlay photos hahaha.

Anyhoo, I came across this cap and sweater from Bershka which I friggin loved:

but I figured I have enough red/maroon sweaters in my life :(

There's been this trend going on in my pictures that I only recently noticed. I always look to the side!

I do change it up and try different poses, but the ones with me looking to the side always end up looking the best ðŸ¤·

I collabed with Althea and did a first impression post & video of their site (you can read it here!). Can you imagine my shock when my ultimate idol Yutaki actually came and liked 3 of my photos?

I saw it happen in real time and OMG I swear...my heart almost jumped out of my bodeh! I absolutely adore Yutaki and his work, so it was definitely an awesome fanboy moment for me. At first I was happy but then I kinda felt embarrassed because my feed/pictures were such a mess. I'll definitely work harder on my photography skills in 2017 (hopefully by that time Yutaki will follow me on Insta 😅 here's to hoping!

My family and I celebrated my mum's birthday in a Korean buffet in Melaka and I just find myself appreciating dinners where we're all together more. When I was away for college, although I came back every month, I still had my friends to keep me company. Now I'm living alone in KL and my Melaka trips always feel rushed. Its either I need to take pictures for my blog or I'm busy with something else.

Anyways, enough with the sappy ranting hahaha. On a different vain note, I never thought I'd say this but I friggin loved my brown hair.

Not that I didn't look good in blonde/gray/blue (because let's be honest I did look good), I just feel like I look so...normal and approachable hahaha.

Fufy came to KL quite a few times these past few months. We've definitely spent too much money on Grab/Uber than we should have, but oh well. I can't wait for her to move to KL next year! #TeamEffy is coming to conquer the twin corn tower city!

My family recently took in a new puppy and we named him Douglas! A dog gave birth in front of our house and when my family went to look at the puppies, Douglas walked to them (the others stayed with their mum).

Remember how I said I loved my brown hair? I think the love for it intensified when I bleached my hair back to blonde:

I'm definitely planning my hair choices for 2017 better and nit just give in to the temptation of simply dyeing my hurr.

I visited Yan with Caryn in Sunway one night as she and her class was serving~

The food was pretty okay~ I think I liked the dessert the best (because duh, I'm Eros)

If you've been following me on Instagram or here on my blog, you've probably already seen me tag or heard me mention The Butterfly Project. Just a quick recap, it's basically a blogging community where they sometimes organize events and even projects for bloggers! I attended my first event (coincidentally in Mid Valley lol) a few weeks back:

Read all about it here.

My birthday month (November) finally came and although I was kinda in a good mood, it felt a bit bittersweet. Goodbye carefree life. Goodbye stress free procrastinating. Goodbye teens. I may have just turned 20 but I'm still 17 at heart.

My brother and Fufy came to KL one weekend so we could have a cafe hopping weekend, kinda like an early birthday treat for ourselves (Euri's birthday is in November as well)

It was cray and hectic but it was definitely a fun weekend.

I posted more pictures about the cafes we visited, so to read more about Tiny Temptress click here

and to read about the Majestic Hotel's high tea set click here.

As I said it was a fun weekend. Too bad Bella, Kevin, JJ and Sharmatho couldn't be there~

Speaking of Bella, she won 2 passes to the premier screening of Fallen, so after dinner with Jon:

Euri and I got to catch the film.

I read the books back in highschool but in all fairness I'd already forgotten the story (except that they revolved around fallen angels). Spoiler alert: it was horrible. Okay, not exactly horrible, but more of wtf why is it so random? A few minutes in I thought okay this is quite good. After that it was just so random, like the progression of the story, the rationale of the main character, the STARING and the ai mei with all the "No, stay away from me we can't be together"...pls keep up with the times this ain't 2009 and we already had enough of that in Twilight 😂

I did manage to meet up with Bella one day in Publika:

where I nonchalantly had a shameless mini photoshoot

and took pics for my selfie light review hahaha. Read that here!

On the day of my birthday itself, I was working hahaha. I took a few pictures for my next collab with Althea

but I also had lunch with Euri and my parents at The Fat Bee

The interior was on point and the food was okay too~

Since I took photos for Althea before the lunch, I still had makeup on. Surprisingly my parents didn't say anything about it.

And here to serve you face with a side of photoshop:

Makeup Forever recently opened their 1st flagship store in Pavilion, and my friend Caryn jio-ed me to the opening. Me being me, I woke up late and ended up missing the RM100 vouchers (I got the RM50 insteaad)

I met Eve and a few other people from Makeup Forever's MY HQ, and all of them were super nice!

While we're on the topic of makeup, I'm still improving my skills. I can't do cray EXO-level makeup yet:

But I am trying and experimenting bit by bit:

The picture above (and below) were taken from my 1 week Penang Trip!

I had to go back because 3 months had passed since I started my internship with iPrice and I needed to present to my lecturers. I missed Penang so much! I can't believe how fast 3 months flew by. just 3 months ago I was living in Gurney Drive with a view of of the whole area from the 22nd floor, blissfully unaware of the struggles of working life.

I got to meetup with Fufy, JJ and Kevin, and the 4 of us watched Fantastic Beasts together.

Sharmathi was a hoe and watched it without us, y u do dis Sharmathi

My face game was STRONG in Penang! I took a few pics for my blog reviews and since I stayed with Fufy, I had access to all her makeup. I wanted to steal her stuff but she knows where I live :(

As you can see I was living for myself:

That one week in Penang was so needed after all the stressing at work. To be completely honest, I think my coworkers think I have an easy job since I mostly handle social media, but its not. I have to schedule and create a lot of stuff, and it's just mentally draining. What I would give for another week.

Back in KL, I attended another Butterfly event which was a baking session at At19 Culinary.

It was fun because 1. I love pastries, 2. I love sweet stuff, 3. I love Christmas

I also got to meet a few bloggers/vloggers~

So thanks again Tammy for the invite!

Kiehl's sent me these two serums to try out (I actually tried out samples before and I loved it).

 I was so grateful and in love with them that I didn't even realize one bottle cost around RM250 each till I was writing my review. I do understand why they're so expensive, it's because they work so well! Definitely a good investment.

Hokkkaido Cheese Tart recently released chocolate versions of their yummy tarts and GOD I COULD ROB THEM!

It's just so creamy and nice!

PS. Congrats to my boss for getting a promotion! (And sorry for the blur pic hahaha)

And that's pretty much it. I took even more pictures recently and I have a few posts liked up for you guys these coming months, so do keep an eye out for them!

Here's one sneak peek:

Last weekend was my brother Enzo's birthday, so my family came up to KL for some shopping and dinner:

And that's just about it. As always thanks for reading such a long and random diary post, and I'll see you guys in my next! Byeeeeeee!

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