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December 5, 2016

Christmas is just full of early surprises for me this year! Today I'll be sharing all about Belif and the Bestsellers on the Go kit I received from them the other day.

I first heard about Belif from my friend Sammi when she gave me a few samples back in April (read that post here!) Ever since then I've seen it all around (there's one in Queensbay and one in Mid Valley) but I never got to check the store out. 

Belif is a Korean skincare brand and they have quite an interesting backstory! They use the knowledge passed down from a British herbalist since 1860 to create the cosmetic line that they have today. They combine natural herbs and a traditional approach to treating the body with their super safe and innovative extraction methods.

Belif has 5 main promises to its users:

1. True Ingredients
Only carefully selected ingredients are used. They even use rare herbs!

2. True Formula
They use something called the Napier's traditional herb processing method which has been around for more than 150 years.

3. True Safety
Belif uses NO synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances, mineral oil or animal origin ingredients! So organic!

4. True Benefit
They avoid excessive ads and packaging, and I actually noticed this as soon as I saw their products. They do this because they want to deliver only honest and true efficacy.

5. True Timelessness
They want everyone to understand how we can improve skin with products containg natural and timeless ingredients.

As I mentioned, the sent me a travel kit to try out, and I was so happy because it came at the right time yet again! Like my Loreal products from my Lazada 11.11 box with my Penang trip, this Belif travel set came at the right time as I'll be going to Singapore in about 2 weeks' time!

The bestsellers on the go kit has 5 products inside:
Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist 
Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner 
Hungarian Water Essence 
Moisturizing & Firming Eye Cream 
The True Cream Aqua Bomb 

As I mentioned, I'm saving up this set for when I go to Singapore, so I'll update you guys on the long term effects of it in another post. I tried all of them once (the Aqua Bomb three times) and I have to say I quite like them.

My favourite of them all is the Aqua Bomb (kinda obvious since I used it the most haha). It has this delicious scent and since it has a gel texture it's perfect with my oily skin type!

I noticed that it doesn't leave me feeling too greasy and that it feels very light on the skin. Unlike  aloe gel, its lighter and feels more natural. I usually wouldn't go out of the house with aloe gel, but with the Aqua Bomb, looking too shiny and feeling uncomfortable wasn't a problem.

Being the nosy blogger I am, I went to the Belif store in Mid Valley and found out that the Aqua Bomb was actually their #1 product!

For the comfort and moisturization that it gave me, I think that #1 spot was well deserved.

And that's it for this short post! I really hope I don'y use up the Aqua Bomb before I even get to Singapore haha. Thank you so much Belif for being so generous and sharing your awesome products with me. If you guys wanna try them out too, definitely drop by a Belif store and pick up a few samples.

Also, for people looking to get themselves an early Christmas present, Belif has some pretty good gift sets available now, so check those out too when you visit their store!

For more info, visit Belif's website at and follow them on Facebook at 💕

As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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