July 27, 2016

No, this post isn't about a pair of shorts from Chanel.

I was browsing around YouTube when I came across one of Chanel's short film directed by Karl Lagerfeld called "Reincarnation":

The film features Pharrel and Cara Delevingne and I loved it! It features Chanel clothing (obvi) and offers a look into the birth of one of Coco Chanel's most signature looks: the iconic Chanel jacket. Apparently Chanel was inspired by a hotel elevator operator's uniform while she was in Austria! Its amazing how inspiration comes from the most unexpected places, and how that small spark of inspiration can become an icon/staple in fashion.

I loved the royal feel of Pharrel's outfit, and Hudson Kroenig was too adorable! Cara was stunning in that gown, but what was more shocking was that the song in the short was actually a duet between her and Pharrel!

After that I scoured Chanel's channel for more films and found out that Karl Lagerfeld actually had a few films. The one I watched next was "The Tale of a Fairy":

I didn't really get it, but I lived for one of the sister's ultra platinum blonde hair!

Next I watched "The Return":

Kind of a docu-drama, this film tells the tale of Coco Chanel "returning" to the fashion world after 15 years. Her comeback collection was received harshly by the French press but she worked hard and 5 years later was well received. It was a great film and it kinda showed me that behind the great big brand that Chanel is right now, she was a designer too. She faced criticism like any other designer does and worked hard to see her vision realized.

In the film, love was mentioned a few times. I searched it up and found out that she never got married. I'll be researching more about her but being in the centre of the spotlight without anyone in the end must have been quite lonely.

The last one I watched was "Once Upon A Time..." featuring Kiera Knightley as a young Gabrielle Chanel:

This film takes us even further back to when Chanel first started designing and selling hats. Although in black in white, I enjoyed the film and all the fabulous hats hahaha.

Overall these films have sparked an interest in fashion, particularly Chanel, in me. I've always looked up fashion related things and I've always known Chanel's aesthetic (through watching runway shows and...Scream Queens haha), but now I'm kinda interested in Coco's past and how Chanel became what it is today. So if you need me, I'll be at home reading and watching all I can about Coco.

As always, thank you for reading and see you in the next post!

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