Yin's Sourdough Pizza, Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, Penang

July 14, 2016

Hello everyone! Today's post will be about a place I recently had dinner with Fufy and Gerald: Yin's Sourdough Pizza!

Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, China Street Ghaut, 10300, Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours:
Open Daily.
Weekdays: 8am to 6 pm
Weekends: 8am to 3 pm on Weekends.

Contact Number
6011- 2419 5118

Yin's Sourdough Pizza is located amongst the white heritage buildings of Georgetown. On the outside it seems small but the interior is actually quite spacious. 

Inside the building is the Penang Science Cafe as well. I'm not sure but I think both the cafe and the pizzeria are sharing the space.

As I mentioned, the interior is quite spacious. As soon as you enter you will be greeted by a reading corner. The whole aesthetic gave me a modern Harry Potter-esque vibe~

Further inside the space is the pizzeria:

I heard from Fufy that the oven that they used was imported. It reminded me of the oven in Michelangelo's Pizzeria back in Ipoh. I love that place and I really miss their woodfire pizza. Since Yin's had a legit looking oven of their own, I was really looking forward to how their pizzas would taste.


Aside from pizzas, there is an all-day breakfast category, panini grilled sandwiches and pastas available as well. They also have cakes and desserts but at the time that we went they only had the Nutty Chocolate Cake available.

On with the food porn shots!

Egg Benny Sourdough Pizza | RM30

The cashier was friendly and recommended this pizza to us. It includes Yin's slow cooked tomato sauce, Yin's Bratwurst, Spinach and Mozarella cheese. The egg wasn't as salty as I'd thought and actually complimented the bratwurst nicely. The bratwurst was savoury and the cheese was perfect! As for the sourdough, the sour taste is subtle and doesn't overbear the pizza toppings at all. It was baked to crispy perfection and didn't have any burnt soot on the bottom like other woodfire baked pizzas have.

I rate this pizza 4.5/5!

Margherita Sourdough Pizza | RM25

I've had a few experiences with Margherita pizzas and all of them were quite...disappointing. The ones I've tried were quite simple and didn't really seem that worth it to me. We decided to give it a try that night and I was pleasantly surprised! They weren't stingy with the mozarella and the tomato sauce paired with the generous helping of rocket leaves were DIVINE! I was expecting to eat just once slice but I definitely had more than that. The rocket leaves gave the pizza a subtle bitter taste that evened out the savoury taste of the cheese and the slow cooked tomato sauce.

I really recommend this pizza and give it a rating of 5/5!

Pesto & Parmesan Spaghetti with Roasted Meatballs (chicken+shrimp) | RM18.90
(Vegetarian balls available) 

This was my dish of choice that night and it was okay. The pesto tasted authentic, but nothing extraordinary to rave about. The real star of the dish was the chicken-shrimp meatballs! I loved how authentic it tasted and how the texture was even. Fried to golden perfection, they matched the pesto perfectly and I hope they release a meatball platter soon because I think it would do quite well haha.

I rate this dish 4/5!

Sourdough Lasagne | RM19.90

This was Gerald's choice and while it basically has the same components of the Margherita pizza but in pasta form, this lasagne did not disappoint. If you come alone and want to try/eat only one dish, I recommend this one. The portion is decent (it comes served in the pan that it's baked in) and it overall tastes delightful.

I rate this dish 4/5 but Gerald said he'd give it a 7/10 because he found the pasta a bit soggy.

Guacamole, Cheese and Grilled minced chicken | RM17
(Tuna substitute available)

This sandwich was more filling than expected. It comes with a generous amount of juicy minced chicken mixed with perfectly caramelized onions. The only thing bad about this dish that I can find is that the guacamole was nowhere to be found. Like, we actually forgot that there was supposed to be guacamole and only realized the next day that we didn't taste it.  Either it was overpowered by the chicken, too little or was totally absent, we'll never know. Bottom line, this chicken sandwich is still tasted great but for RM17 it could have had more guacamole.

I give this dish a 3.5/5 but Fufy said she would give it a 4/5

And that's it for this post! Yin's Sourdough Pizza is a great alternative to Domino's Pizza and other premade pizza dough places, The dishes taste authentic and the pizzas are legit. I recommend trying the Margherita pizza the most, and the Egg Benny Sourdough pizza for people who like and enjoy their meat.

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you'd like to read more of my cafe hopping posts, please click here!

See you all in the next post!

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