July 15, 2016

Hi guys! Penang's been experiencing unexpected rain these past few days and although it's still a million degrees out, there's been a few heaven sent cool releases. I though today I'd share with you guys a recent "cool day" outfit! 


I wear those black shorts to death hahaha I need more shorts really. I bought the cardigan while I was in Singapore last year and the snapback actually has one of my favourite lyrics on it:

Can you believe I found a Beyonce quote on a snapback? This was the fastest purchase I made when I bought it.

I really like normcore fashion (I know right I'm so 2015), and for you guys not familiar with it, Wikipedia says its a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, normal-looking clothing.

I know it isn't that "trendy" or hong ren level, but I really like this trend because basic pieces are easy to mix around! I enjoy my blacks and grays, so that was what I was going for this look. Kinda reflective of how cool that day was. There was sun but the weather was pleasantly windy.

These photos were taken in Lunabar. Lunabar is actually a cafe extension of Moon Shop, a photosynthesis studio that also sells botanical gifts. There's a lot of green in the shop, and although it looks ok in pictures, the place was TINY! Legit only had 2 tables. Their menu was very limited too, only serving 3-5 drinks. Their matcha latte was so-so~

That's all for this OOTD post! I wanna buy more long pieces like this cardigan and experiment more with layering~

As always, thanks for reading!

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