July Playlist

July 11, 2016

I previously wanted to talk about EXO's album, but I thought I'd share the songs I've been listening to recently instead. Here's my July Playlist!


This is EXO's 3rd full album and although I liked the title tracks, the other songs didn't really impress me. If you're a Kpop fan I'm sure you've already heard Lucky One and Monster:

For Lucky One, they brought back the powers and people went wild on Tumblr trying to reconnect the eras. I tried to keep up but I gave up halfway haha. I love their makeup in this MV though, they were so shiny and dewy!

Monster is the more performance oriented song and it's catchy, but nothing too mind blowing. The dance looked complicated but the whole wow factor wasn't really there for me.

The only other song I liked in EXACT was Artificial Love:

Blue Neighborhood - Troye Sivan

Okay, Troye's songs have been around for a while now, but I only just got his album. I knew of  Wild, Fools and Youth because they were really popular, but two other songs from his album that I liked were Bite and For Him!

To be honest, one reason why I didn't download his album earlier was because although Wild, Fools and Youth were good, I felt like he was being over promoted. Like legit every time I was in the carI would hear him. Nothing bad about that, it just made me wanna download the album later haha. And I have to say I love the chill vibe throughout the album.

Street - EXID

Street is EXID's 1st fill album and their title track L.I.E is a great song whose breakdown really resembles that of Madonna's Bitch I'm Madonna hahaha. Even the rap part! Anyways, I thought I'd give EXID a try and get their full album instead of just one song this time. I really enjoyed I Know, Cream, 3% and Of Course!

Only One and Hani's solo song Hello was quite nice too~

I Like That - Sistar

I Like That was both visually and auditory for me. I really liked the Chinese aesthetic that the MV had, and that for this summer's comeback, Sistar didn't come back with a generic sexy summer song like the past 2 years. 

So-so - Baek Ah yeon

This is another late download haha. The pastel pink theme of the MV was pretty and her hospital really looked like the Grand Budapest Hotel!

Something to Say is a nice ballad too:

Why - Taeyeon

Taeyeon's 2nd Mini Album Why dropped a few weeks ago, and I only really love 3 songs which are Why, Starlight and Fashion:

I've heard of Dean before this song but I didn't really know what he looked like. He kinda has that Seo In Guk/Kim Woo Bin feel to him haha.

Straight Outta Oz - Todrick Halll

OH MY GOD. You don't understand how much this album gives me LIFE! Todrick Hall recently released his visual album and I first found out about it from watching Wrong Bitch featuring Bob The Drag Queen from RPDR S8 (that show's my life but that's for another post)

I love every song in this album. Legit. EVERY SONG. I'm not going to go search for every one to post here because my fingers are tired and it's 4am, so just search them up. Lions & Tigers & Bears, Color, Expensive, Papi and Over The Rainbow spoke to me on another level like THIS IS THE REAL SHIZ. I really like how the whole Wizard of Oz theme was there throughout the album.

Like Rain Like Music - Baekhyun

This song is a cover of a classic Korean song and I actually heard it before but only just downloaded it~

And that's it for my July Playlist! I hope it wasn't too boring haha. As always, thanks for reading!

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