[13.05.12] MOTHER'S DAY

May 13, 2012

still on my phone, so i hope you don't mind that all the pictures are below :) please enjoy reading :D
今天是母亲节! ^^ today is mother's day! 어마, 사랑해요! ^^ mum, i love you!

when we woke up, mom kissed and greeted mum :) she then told us that she felt like going to the beach and asked us to get ready :)

we planned on going to Lumut, a beach which is an hour away from my place :D we had breakfast in the car :]
on the beach, mum, my bro, my sis and i just sat under the shade. my two other brothers and my dad played in the water and on the sand XD my dad saw a big pink lizard on a tree and tried to catch it xD

its was about 3pm when we had our lunch at KFC. omg i will forever hate that place -,- there were flies EVERYWHERE even though it was airconditioned!

after that we went sightseeing for a while and headed home. my 4 siblings all slept on the way home, but i stayed up, looking outside the window. *my legs were aching*. my parents were talking to each other and were having a really fun time, i guess. back in ipoh, we passed by little india and other interesting places :D we got home at about 6~
i took a nap *it was relaxing, i could stretch my legs again ><* and woke up at about 9pm. we then haf Domino's Pizza for dinner ^^ i love their new crust with cheese inside! :D

all in all, i had fun today :) i hope that even though we couldn't get anything for our mom, she still had a good time :]


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