May 25, 2012

i am now SPAZZING over After School! like ohmygod, they are awesome!

in the past, i liked After School because of Bang!. they were awesome! i heard they had drum lessons for 5 months O.O yeng dao

the MV for Let's Do It (the drum part):

my favourite member is Kahi, the leader! XD

but that's not why im posting about them now. recently i came across their Shampoo MV, so i watched it again

and i thought that the "to be continued" thing was just for show, but i noticed that the end scene and the starting scene of another video was the same, so i clicked on it. sure enough, it was part 2, Let's Step Up. and i almost fainted. KAHI IS AWESOME! AFTERSCHOOL IS AWESOME!! they can do tap dancing too?? and in a cool, hallyu-ized way? like, WHAT THE?? are they just goddesses or what?? XD ok, i might be overreacting, but, really! its epic! how much can one girl group do???


i got into After School after that, downloaded the songs from Virgin and watched more MVs. turns out that Orange Caramel isn't their only subgroup! they also have A.S Red and A.S Blue! ^^

all their songs are in my ipod now XD they are just...EPIC!

ps. Nana is also one of my biases XD

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