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May 26, 2012

due to the stresss of the exams, i downloaded a lot of new songs :D here are some of the recently added songs to my ipod :3

Again and Again - Yozoh
The Girl and I - S.Jin
In The Night Sky - A.S Red
Let's Step Up - After School
Love Song - Rain
My Girl - Xing (Kevin) *OHMYGOSHHH i totally fogot about this song and had to download it as soon as i remembered it XD*
Never Give Up - Bang & Zelo
Nothing Better - Brown Eyed Soul
Oh! My God - Girls' Day
Rambling Girls - After School
Shampoo - After School
Stupid Liar - BIGBANG
Tell Me Goodbye - BIGBANG
We Were in Love - T-ARA and DAVICHI
Wonder Boy - A.S Blue
You Leave Me - Bii

:D go and listen to them! ^^ i strongly recommend them! plus, G.NA just made a comeback, so let's add her to the list even though i haven't downloaded her song yet ><


and JJ Project (JB&JR) just featured in Suzy's song! OH MY GOD! and they released their MV! its (my) JB! XD

happy listening! ^^

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