May 12, 2012

my house has totally no internet T^T my parents didn't pay the fee because we're planning to have a landline phone with faster internet, so im using my phone to go online again. haiz. they said that it'll probably take two days to one week for the TM people to be able to come to our house and set things up. HAIZ.

i've decided to take this opportunity to focus on my studies :) mid term exams are only a few days away, and i freaking don't understand physics! at all! == and till june, our physics teacher, mr amos lee, will be in taiwan, so we have no one to ask about our test papers *like what kind of questions will come out*

we're gonna be super busy these coming week x.x my class is sitting for a total of 20 TEST PAPERS x.x and my chinese ahhh T.T

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
Somebody Else - SE7EN
Tomorrow - TABLO

im missing my twitter account :( i want internet!!! /.\ my friends and i have an english project and im totally helpless. ISH. plus, im waiting for the leo club people to contact me through facebook about my emcee-ing role in forum T.T having no internet is like living in a cave away from the city T.T all my kpop news!! i can't read them every morning when i wake up! its like my newspaper de ahh T.T

what happened recently:
1. Someone copied my handwriting ==
2. Somebody commented that i look like a girl AGAIN XD err, thank you?
3. SS4 is coming this june! RM400 for VIP tickets! I MUST GO AND SEE SJ! especially DONGHAE! if i can go, i'll be going with teresa and sammi :]
4. BIGBANG is coming to malaysia! As the first korean artists to be MTV's featured artists, they're TOURING!! ^^ i must go and SEE TOP GD DAESUNG TAEYANG AND SEUNGRI!
5. AH BOSS TAI WAN MEI!! XD he's our class de boss! He beat all the guys in arm wrestling! tall, smart, shy and leng zai sum more XD

the world is a wonderful place ♥ i took this picture at about 7.40pm yesterday ^^
PS im now using my phone credit to go online -,- damn slow!

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