May 29, 2012

i got back from the 39th annual Leo Forum in Lankawi this morning at about 2am @.@ it was a good experience :D normally i would make a very very VERY long blog post about it, but all the pictures that i took accidentally got deleted == ISH. i was gonna post first thing i came back, but i was so bummed about the pictures that i collapsed on my bed in a few minutes.

then i woke up at 4am with cramps on both my legs, so i couldn't WALK and had to CRAWL. ==

anyways, here's a pic of me during banquet night :D

everyone was damn pretty and handsome! :D

our club got about 12 or 13 awards in total i think, not much, but still ok :D we will do better this fiscal year! did i mention that i am now the incoming 1st vice? *last year i was 2nd vice* :D we will get that champion/top club award next year! serously, my mouth was open when some schools got top awards for EVERY category *like wesley x) you guys rock!*

i also emceed with the leo club of damansara utama's president Yoke Yee for the closing ceremony *some people said my voice was kinda soft when i was emceeing -,-* she was FUN to talk to XD i also met Gurpreet, who emceed the banquet night and was kinda like the MC coordinator/treasurer for the forum.
yoke yee, i know you will forever keep that picture you took with, err, you know who XD

i also got to buy a lot of chocolate! ^^ there was a duty free in lankawi so when i was time to go shopping, i rushed to the shop and grabbed as many as i could, but it was too much so i had to put some back on the shelves T^T

11 people from our club went for the forum. they were:
Yu Xuan
Wei Yi
Kai Yan
Jing Ling
Me ^^

*1002 people attended the forum O.O* and in the jetty ride back home, i sat with Carol from my club XD we had fun faqiao-ing to keep ourselves from throwing up.

because there were so many people that came, the hotel had electricity problems :P the electricity kept on being cut off and a lot of people were, err, pissed :X but it was ok coz at least we got to sleep comfortably x) 

some other people i got to meet were:
-the Indonesian leos who were special guests. i got to exchange badges with them, got their name cards and i had a solo shot in the video they were filming XD   
-the Nan Hwa leos! ok, so yeah, sitiawan isn't that far away, but i only know Scottie, so it was good to meet Jane and Queeny XD *we were so quiet at banquet night, but we were so noisy on the bus ride back*
-Rachel Fong from the leo club of USJ 13 *i think ><* we met on facebook and met for the first time this forum :D
-the AMC leos! now all the incoming officers know me as YUROUSI/FISHMEATDIE, courtesy of jane and queeny XD
-other leos from KL and other places. i can't recall all of them, but DANG, their english is awesome! in ipoh, i need to talk to everyone in mandarin but in forum, i think almost half of the people there couldn't speak mandarin! you people rock!

my club's new president, Yu Xuan, and secretary, Caryn (she insists on being called kher wei XD) talked about what new things we should do this fiscal year, and the first thing was the NAME CARDS. it was totally embarrassing receiving all those name cards and not having anything to exchange them with. WE HAVE TO MAKE THEM ASAP! there was this one club whose card was awesome :D i think we're gonna follow that style x)

all in all it was a great experience. we made a lot of new friends and got to know a lot of new people. im totally looking forward to next year's forum *i hope i can go D: i might have my CIE exams by then* and receive a ton of awards x) i might be dreaming big, but that's the theme of this forum! WE BELIEVE!

ps. i took some photos on caryn's camera, so i'll just post them when i get them :)

and this is how i looked like when i got home ><

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