May 30, 2012

T^T last night i was watching this show on my netbook when i ACCIDENTALLY fell asleep. its happened a lot of times before, but this time, when i woke up...HORROR.

i slept on TOP of the netbook and now the screen's cracked! T^T i can't see half of what i'm supposed to be seeing! T^T

i woke up at 7 and found out as son as i opened my eyes. i was like:

"should i tell??"

"i should! so that it should be repaired!"

"but they'll kill me!"

"who cares??!"

i was having a breakdown, i swear @.@ eventually i told my mom and she said that the LCD was gonna be expensive so she wasn't gonna send it for repair T^T I HAVE NOT SHOWN MY DAD. im now using my house desktop computer. I AM GOING TO DIE.


ps i have 13GB of songs, videos, photos and stuff to save /,\ i have to save them!!

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