Dior J'adore Body Mist Review

February 24, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing my review of Dior's J'adore Body Mist.

I'm sure everyone has heard of this iconic perfume from Dior, and I'm even more sure that you guys have seen the iconic J'adore commercial with Charlize Theron in it:

J'adore takes on many forms: EDP, roller oil, absolu, L'or and extrait de parfum. It's even available in EDT and a special "In Joy" version, as well as several body products like shower oil, body milk, shimmer gel and body creme.

I've smelled the original J'adore scent and tried it a couple of times in Sephora & Dior, and I've actually been meaning to get the EDP 50ml version for a while now (RM435). It wasn't really a priority for me though, so I just put it on my "will-buy-when-I-have-cash" list.

I was strolling down Isetan KLCC (a department store) back in December when I stumbled upon the J'adore body mist in Dior's counter.

Described as airy and sensual, the J'adore Body Mist is a precious mist that envelops the body in a delicate, refreshing cloud of scent and maintains the skin's moisturization. Dior's website also says that this formula was made for more beautiful and instantly soft skin, which the lady at the Dior counter in Isetan also told me about.

It cost only RM190 for 100ml, and I was so shocked! At the time I thought RM190 for a 100ml Dior fragrance was such a good steal, and I couldn't believe it. I never really considered that the J'adore body fragrances (not the EDP/EDT) would be cheaper. I checked Dior's standalone beauty store in KLCC, and found that they sold it for RM179.

Since I had a RM150 Isetan voucher, I decided to get it from Isetan. After reduction, it only cost me RM40 so it was totally a steal.

The Dior holiday campaign for 2019 was called "the Designer of Dreams Atelier", and they featured gold gift detailing like ribbons and stars with their iconic white boxes/packging:

The lady at the Dior counter was kind enough to wrap my mist in a super big Dior box with the pretty gold ribbon, which I totally appreciated. Call me boujie but I'm a sucker for packaging and all things Dior hahaha.

The holiday packaging is no longer available, but you can still get the normal packaging if you buy it anywhere:

The box itself comes sealed in plastic with their CD/Montaigne-ish logo, similar to their high-end Dior Parfums.

J'adore's whole theme is gold, and the packaging reflects that beautifully:

The original J'adore bottle is inspired by the legendary amphora created by Christian Dior, and is adorned with the famous Maasai necklace (like a jewel dancing on a woman's neck). The mist is similarly shaped and decorated, but the "neck" of the bottle isn't as slim, and the necklace part isn't as long as the EDP/EDT bottles.

The entire bottle is glass, even the cover:

The nozzle is nice and gold, and it spritzes a nice, fine mist.

The mist itself has a gold tinge to it:

Dior describes J'adore as a bouquet finely crafted down to the last detail, like a custom-made flower. It contains scents from several flowers from around the world, meticulously blended together.

Ylang-Ylang, with its fruity and exotic notes.
Damascus Rose from Turkey, sensitive and smooth.
Jasmine Grandiflorum from Grasse, with apricot and jam notes.
Indian Sambac Jasmine, with the warm facets of Orange blossom.
Indian Tuberose, with its white, heady beauty.

First off, price-wise it's much wiser to get the body mist compared to the EDP and EDT 100ml bottles. The 100ml EDP costs RM515, while the 100ml EDT costs RM620. The 50ml EDP costs RM435, and that alone can get you two 100ml bottles of the body mist. Price-wise, I think the body mist is the cheapest among the entire J'adore family of fragrances if you take size into consideration.

Now, does that mean it's better than the EDP/EDT though? In my opinion, the mist smells exactly the same and is pretty long-lasting (considering that it's only a mist). A few spritzes to my neck, wrists and clothes can last me a full day, and though it's not as concentrated as it would be if it were a higher concentration (like with EDP/EDT), I would say that it's strong enough for me. To be honest, although the J'adore scent is nice and elegant, I can't help but admit that it does smell a little bit old/mature. The lightness of the mist's formula helps make it slightly airier and not as heavy as the original, making it perfect for me.

The J'adore fragrance itself is a very opulent blend of scents, and some people might not like it. To me, whenever I smell it I think: rich, flowers, adult, expensive. I've worn this body mist out on a weekend and to work, and I would say it's a really nice fragrance. It's light enough to make me feel good, but not too overpowering that I'm constantly distracted by the scent. It would be great as a night time fragrance as well, and I think most people would actually prefer to wear it at night/during dates/for formal events.

Would I recommend this fragrance? Absolutely! The formulation is pretty amazing for a body mist, and it's so much bang for your buck. I highly recommend Dior's J'adore Body Mist, and I suggest you guys drop by your nearest department store or Dior counter to give it a whiff!

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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