Pam & Roy Herbal Water Coloring Hair Dye Review

February 25, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about Pam & Roy's Herbal Water Coloring Hair Dye

Do you know that traditional hair dyes in the market contain chemicals developer that leads to health risks and unwanted side effects? Chemicals such as Ammonia or Ammonia substitutes are often used to deliver colour into your hair strands, and these chemicals usually hurt our hair and scalp in the long run.

Pam & Roy is a Korean brand that developed a permanent grey hair coverage dye product that only requires water during the colour process. Basically, these dyes are powder dyes that are activated by water. Simply mix the herbal powder with water, and that’s it!

Now available in Guardian, one box of dye (which contains 3 sachets per box) costs RM43.90.

It's available in 4 natural shades: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Natural Black.

These box dyes contain 32 types of natural herbs and patented traditional Korean Medicinal ingredients that help to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. They have a patented formula containing Korean red pine, mugwort extract, pestalotian leaf, sophora flavscens aiton and cnidium rhizome extracts.

These dyes also contain NO peroxides, NO ammonia, NO animal-derived ingredients, NO mineral oils and NO henna!

The boxes are pretty secure, and everything you need for the entire process is nicely packed inside:

Here's what the contents look like:

Pam & Roy powder
Mixing bowl
Dye Brush
Mixing Stick
Vinyl Gown
Vinyl Gloves

There are also instructions inside on how you should dye your hair, the measurements + tips on how to go about dyeing your hair evenly. I quite liked that everything was provided, from hair brush & vinyl gown to mixing bowl and mixing stick. It's very rare for me to see box dye products that provide a full set of tools like this, so I found it quite nice and convenient.

I decided to go with Natural Black since my hair was blonde and I wanted a big transformation.

Since the powder is packed in 3 sachets (10g per sachet), I find it very convenient. Not only can I use the correct amount of powder for my hair length, I can also keep the remaining powder for touch-ups in the future! Since it requires no activator aside from normal water, it's super convenient.

Here are the measurements that Pam & Roy recommends:

Partial grey hair: 10g (1 pack) + water 50ml
Short hair: 20g (2 packs) + water 100ml
Long hair: 30g (3 packs) + water 150ml

When mixing the powder and water, I found that you shouldn't use water that's too hot like I did. It may be too hot for your scalp!

You should also cut the corners and not the entire top of the sachet to prevent it from exploding everywhere:

To have an even paste/dye, you should also dissolve the powder gradually, not all at once. This way, you won't get clumps.

Here's what the consistency of the dye should look like:

Here's me dyeing my hair by myself:

It was really easy to apply, and if you're doing this by yourself like I did, I recommend sectioning you hair and doing it part by part. This way, you're less likely to miss any spots.

After 30 minutes, this is what it looked like:

It's recommended to shampoo twice until the water runs clear to fully remove the solution from your hair.

I went fo a hair cut the next day since I had an event the day after that, and here's how I looked:

Some black hair dyes in the market have an artificial blue tint to them, but this one didn't! I love how natural the black turned out, and I love how it makes me look slightly younger again hahaha.

If you're someone with grey hair or just someone who's looking to give your hair a nice makeover, I recommend giving these hair dyes a go. They're not terribly expensive, and for all the tools you get per box, I'd say it's pretty worth it.

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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