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February 20, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about fmgt, THE FACE SHOP's rebranded makeup line!

You've probably seen "FMGT" in THE FACE SHOP's store/social media and thought: huh? 🤔

TFS has actually rebranded their entire makeup line as FMGT, and all of their makeup products will be changed to the new packaging from January 2020 onwards.

FMGT actually stands for:

M Makeup
G Glam

The reason for the rebrand is because LG H&H (which owns THE FACE SHOP) wants to bridge the connection between fashion & beauty, and they want to offer a huge selection of makeup products to both female and male makeup lovers.

I recently received a box of their best selling products + some new arrivals, and in today's post, I'll be sharing more about them plus my experience using some of the products.

First up: packaging. The formulas of their best-selling products are still the same but are now housed in black packaging. I feel like it's much chicer and I love that all the makeup products now have a uniform look.

The detailing on the products is quite nice, and all of them feel quite luxe to the touch. Even the logos on most of the products are not just simply printed on!

For products whose logos are printed on, TFS still didn't skip on budget and used high-quality materials like glass:

Even the lipsticks have custom engraving!

Sorry for the fanboying, I'm a really huge fan of packaging hahaha. Overall at face value, I like the rebrand so far.

Now I'll be sharing a little haul on the products I've received + my thoughts on each product.

For all your base makeup needs

FMGT Tone Up Primer • RM86.90

This product is a tone-up primers that color correct skin tone for a brighter complexion while prolonging makeup wear. There are 4 shades available and 01 Lumiere leaves the skin with a luminous, healthy glow. I saw a little tone up and no color correction, and it was very moisturizing. I feel like this would be great for people who want to achieve a glowy base!

FMGT Inklasting Foundation Glow • RM97

One of the most highly raved Korean foundations, I actually did a separate review on it a while back here. It offers a glowing and radiant finish, and it has natural buildable coverage

FMGT Inklasting Creamy Concealer • RM57.90

This concealer covers skin imperfections in one touch, and I quite like how smooth and creaseless it is under the eyes. For a liquid concealer it's quite lightweight with just the right amount of coverage. If you want more full coverage, I recommend their Super Cover Concealer instead. Still, it's a great concealer for highlighting, especially under the eyes.

FMGT Inklasting Powder Foundation • RM105.90

This I was quite surprised with! The Inklasting Powder Foundation is a high-definition pressed powder foundation that leaves a luxurious, velvety-smooth finish. I wasn't really a fan of pressed powders till the end of last year when I started experimenting with them. I find that it's much better at setting my makeup because it has more coverage (compared my usual translucent), and I can even use it alone on days where I just need a slight tune-up to my face. The powder is super fine and blurring, and I love how it comes with its own mirror and cushion: compact and functional!

For all your daily essentials

FMGT Designing Eyebrow Pencil • RM17.90

Eyebrows are definitely an everyday must-have item for makeup lovers. This pencil has a nice sharp tip, and it's pigment's colour payoff is very natural. It's easy to use and the spoolie blends it out nicely. This product is a no-brainer for me, and I've made it a point to have at least one in my makeup bag at all times.

FMGT Ink Grafitti Brush Penliner • RM49

Eyeliner is another essential for some, and I'm so glad that they seem to have updated the formula! Previously it was not as pigmented, but this delivers sharp, crisp lines. I hardly use eyeliners now as I prefer using brown eyeshadow to line my eyes, However, this made me want to get into using black eyeliner again hahaha.

FMGT 2-in-1 Mascara • RM75.90

Mascara is essential. I don't care if you don't wear false eyelashes, an eye makeup look is never complete without mascara. I just feel that it makes your eyes pop! This 2-in-1 mascara has 2 wands, and I love using the micro wand. I actually rarely use the big one because I prefer length for my lashes rather than volume, but you can do that as well if you're into that look. I highly recommend this mascara and urge you to get the brown one to try. It's super natural and holds curls nicely, with no smudging even after a full day out. You can see my full review by clicking here!

Lippies in every colour and every finish

FMGT Rouge Satin Moisture • RM71.90 (new)

This is a new lippie formula from TFS and I got the shade RD02. I love the glossiness of it and I love the comfortable texture. It's quite hydrating, and I think I'll get a few more shades of this.

FMGT Rouge True Matte • RM71.90

I got this in Rouge 10 Velvet Pink, which is a very MLBB colour (but a bit more in the lighter/brighter side). I don't like the formula just because I'm no longer a fan of matte lip looks haha. Though the colour and the engraving is super nice, I would not recommend it as I didn't like how it looked on my crusty, dry-ass lips haha.

FMGT Ultra Shine Lip Gloss • RM97

A lip gloss with glittering pearls to create ultra-shiny lips, this product is S T U N N I N G! Shade 04 Pink Macaron is a little more pinkish in the tube than on the lips, and it looks super-ultra shiny. 

For a healthy, blushing complexion

FMGT Moisture Cushion Blush • RM58.50

This blush has a very dewy finish, and I love how nice and healthy it looks! Shade 03 Coral might seem a bit too bright, but on my cheeks sheered out it actually looks quite natural.

FMGT Pastel Cushion Blusher • RM36.90

This blusher was a tad too bright for my liking. Another cult-fave makeup product from TFS, this blusher has been a constant best-seller for as long as I can remember. The fluffy puff helps to give a very diffused blushing look. 02 Coral Pink is a sweet shade, but personally, I prefer powder blushes with a little bit more brown/not so light.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed this mini haul/shopping guide to TFS's FMGT makeup products. I find that the quality of the products is pretty good and consistent, and I love the new chic packaging and branding. If you're curious about any of the products I mentioned in this post, lemme know in the comments below (or even DM me on my IG!)

Everything is now available both in-store and online on their official E-store.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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