February 2020 Bag Wishlist

February 6, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing about a couple of bags that have caught my eye these past few weeks.

I've decided to make a tag of my previous bag wishlists + other wishlists, and you can find my previous posts about those here!

Padded Cassette Bag

If you follow fashion trends, you'll know that Bottega's designs have been trending a lot. From weaved & dumpling-looking bags to flat-toed and padded shoes, Bottega is a brand that's been garnering a lot of attention on social media because of their unique designs.

The first time I came across the Cassette bag was when one of my fave luxe Youtubers shared about it:

In the vlog above you'll see that she got the original version of Bottega's Cassette Bag which features a wide weave design. Although it looks like calf leather it's actually lambskin and is available in a lot of colours:

I didn't mind this bag and thought it looked unique, but the flatness of the weaves and the squareness of it didn't really make me want it. It reminded me a bit of local/traditional weaving or even Ketupat here in Malaysia.

A few ago however, I started seeing padded versions of the Cassette bags:

I think both of these versions look so much better than the original. At first I quite liked the calfskin version because the colour that it comes in (beige-ish) looks really minimalist and reminded me somehow of KKW:

But after looking at more pics on Instagram, I ultimately fell in love with the black padded version:

I searched it up on Youtube and found almost no videos about the padded version, save this review:

On their site it says that you can wear it crossbody or as a clutch, which I think is very nice.

The shape of it wasn't too square and combined with the lambskin's shine and lustre, I just felt that this version looked more classic and luxe-looking.

I dropped by the Bottega store in KLCC to check them out in real life. For the padded version they only had the red and light blue available, so I opted to check out the red:

I tend to stick to safe and neutral colours like black/beige and white since I want my bags to be as versatile as possible, but seeing myself in the mirror with this bag really made me want to get it! The pop of colour was really cute:

When worn as a crossbody bag, I think she looks kind of elegant in a functional and non-descript way. The design is unique but I feel like it doesn't call that much attention when compared to logo-heavy bags.

When carried as a clutch, I almost lost my balls hahaha. The bag transformed and became even more elegant!

Although I said the design was low-key, the red colour made it a total statement piece when paired with the nude outfit I was wearing. I was O B S E S S E D with how nice it looked!

Sadly this bag retails for RM10,390. I was told that when they get new stock in the next few days, the price will be increased to RM11,540. When compared to other luxury designer bags I've thirsted over (particularly the Oblique Dior Montaigne 30), I feel like it's not that bad. It's 100% lambskin leather, whereas the Oblique Dior is a mix of jacquard and calf leather and costs RM5k more. 

Realistically, however, this bag is still way above my budget at the moment hahaha. It's another bag that has entered my list designer wishlist, so I shall continue to pine for her till the day that I can actually buy her. Since I'm speaking in the mindset of wanting more bang for my buck, I would definitely go for the black padded version. However, should I find myself in a scenario in the future when I find myself in possession of a million dollars, I definitely wouldn't mind getting the red one as well.

Patent Striped Chain Handle Bag

Back in the world of the normal, here's a bag which is more accessible to me that has recently caught my eye:

I've mentioned him before a few times here on my blog, but one of my fave fashion influencers on IG is @lazue.haitrieu. One of the bags that he has looks like a smooth leather bag with a simple gold clasp:

I've seen this style of bag around on IG as well, and I just think that it's super elegant and timeless.

During CNY I was window shopping when I came across this bag from Charles & Keith:

The build is pretty similar, save that it's in a faux patent material with a ribbed design. It's not as timeless as the bag I showed above, but it's pretty cute too.

What really attracted me about it was the price! It's under their new arrivals collection here in Malaysia so it currently retails for RM330, but in Singapore they're selling it for SGD60, which is around RM180!

It's more of a nice-to-have bag and not really a necessity. I've asked my friend to help me get it if she can, but told her that if it's no longer on sale/goes out of stock, I won't be bummed out at all.

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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