Coach Small Wallet Crossgrain Black Review

February 26, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about my Small Wallet in Crossgrain Black from Coach, as well as my Swivel Card Case in Caviar!

I actually posted about my wallet + card case on my Youtube channel, so do check it out for a more detailed view:

I got this wallet last year when I got my first raise, and I'm still in love with the design.

Small Wallet
Crossgrain Black • RM520

Crafted in textured crossgrain leather, this compact trifold wallet was made to perfectly organize cards, cash and receipts. It has an envelope type shape and is quite compact:

Although the crossgrain leather feels nice and is quite durable, I can't say the same for the hardware. It peeled off on me after half a year's use, and it was pretty weird since I take great care in not letting it get in touch with other metal/things that might damage it.

Since it was still under the warranty period, I managed to get an exchange. I've used the new wallet for another half year now and the detailing is faring much better than it initially did.

This design is still available here in Malaysia, and is still retailing at the price at which I bought it (which was RM520).


Everyone knows that Coach is cheapest in the US, so if you can get it there it will be better. It only costs USD99 (~RM400), which is already more than a 20% discount.


If you can catch it during their sale period, you can even get it for USD50! The basic/evergreen variants don't go on sale, but the limited designs and coloured ones do.

As for my cardholder, I bought it last year in December during Coach's year-end sale.

Small Wallet
Crossgrain Black • RM650

I had been using a PU cardholder before this and was looking for an upgrade. I was super lucky to find this at the sale section because it had totally 0 defects and was only super discounted because it was the last item. I got it for 70% off and only paid RM195!

Crafted in caviar leather, this sleek card case features an ID window that pivots from the central slot, easily holding office passes, membership cards or commuter tickets for easy access. The colourway I got features a chic black metal detailing as well:

If you guys can see, I'm suffering a bit of paint loss on the top part of the H as well. I called Coach about it but they said this cannot be repaired, even if I paid. I think that's the only downside of this product tbh.

Other than that I really love it. It's perfect for daily use and doesn't hinder/delay me when I ride the train or beep in at work. The caviar texture gives it a very premium feel, and I love carrying it out with me daily.

Speaking of the leather, here's a comparison pic of Coach's crossgrain and caviar:

Crossgrain is more "skin-like" while caviar is more circular and even. Both of them are pretty durable and feel not to hard, nor too soft. I have a thing for uniformity, and I love how both of these match each other + any black bag I use it with.

And that's it for this brief post! I talk about my thoughts and review these 2 products in more detail on Youtube, so remember to watch it kay?

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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