About Me Medi Answer Collagen Firming Up Mask Review

May 25, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my review of About Me's Medi Answer Collagen Firming Up Mask.

If you didn't already know, Stylekorean is a K-beauty shopping website that offers international shipping, 100% authentic products, free samples and a return/refund policy. Stylekorean constantly curates new products on their website and they sent a few items for me to try out before they launched them on the site!

One of the things they sent over for me to try out was this set containing About Me's star products!

About Me is the Samyang group's beauty brand (yes, that Samyang), and their philosophy is “Different Ingredients, Different Results”. They've been around for almost 100 years now since being founded in 1924. 

The PR box it came in was uber pretty + looked really chic:

Inside the box were two products: the Medi Answer Collagen Lift Up Band and the Medi Answer Collagen Firming Up Mask. There was also this little protractor tool for me to measure how much my skin has been lifted.

These two products use the technological know-how of Samyang BioPharm, and Samyang BioPharm is renowned in the life science and bioindustry field for its effective lifting effects that can be delivered efficiently deep into the skin layer.

In this post, I'll be sharing my review and experience using the Medi Answer Collagen Firming Up Mask!

This collagen mask is an anti-ageing solution that fully delivers the benefits of collage directly into the skin. It helps improve wrinkles, brighten the skin, make the skin smooth & supple.

This product is available on Stylekorean for USD18.12. There are 4 masks per box.

The product comes in a silver box with easy instructions + info in Korean:

The masks are individually packaged:

Overall the packaging is nice and secure:

This product uses Samyang's TDS technology to deliver ingredients into the skin. Transdermal Delivery System is a patented technology that delivers active ingredients through the skin transdermally.

This product features 77% collagen extract, 17 amino acids, 4 peptide complexes and Damask rose water.

The ingredients are all pretty clean:

This product is paraben-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free and EU allergen-free. It contains ingredients for brightening (Niacinamide), anti-ageing (Niacinamide, Adenosine) and promote wound healing (Panthenol). It also contains highly moisturizing ingredients good for those with dry skin (Panthenol, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Evening Primrose Oil)

There are 2 protective layers when you first take it out:

The product is pink in colour and is hydrogel in texture. It didn't really smell like anything to me, but I did think that it was super cooling and refreshing even though I didn't cool it in the fridge. It fit my face pretty easily.

After being absorbed into the skin, the mask becomes thinner.

1. After cleansing, clean the skin with toner
2. Apply the mask on the face
3. After about 30 minutes, remove the mask from the face and tap to let excess essence absorb.

This mask fit my skin very well, and it was really super cooling! I especially felt it around my eye area and loved how fresh my skin felt afterwards. The shape was a good fit as well because there were 2 separate pieces for the upper and lower part of my face. It adhered well and felt comfy while I was wearing it. Since its a hydrogel mask, it did not have an excess amount of juice dripping as I applied it, so I liked that as well

As for the hydrating effects, I think this mask is a win for me. My skin really felt moisturized and plump after taking it off, and it felt quite soft & smooth as well! I used this mask mainly at night, and for all 4 times that I used it, my skin always felt good the next morning. I did not break out + get any pimples at all, and I actually felt like my skin was calmed and soothed.

It is quite pricey for a sheet mask, but I wouldn't mind repurchasing it again. Skincare is an investment, and if it works, it works! If you guys have a lil' extra cash, do drop by Stylekorean and try this mask out!

Aaaand that's it for this post! I hope you found it informative/helpful. See you in my next post!

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