3CE Gel Eye Liner (Brown) Review

May 12, 2019

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about 3CE's Gel Eye Liner in brown.

Just a lil' background on my eyeliner preferences before I start. I used to always use a pen-type black eyeliner from Dolly Wink to line my eyes. I prefer the Korean puppy-style which goes downwards and naturally frames my eyes rather than the western-style that usually goes up.

I realized that although it was nice, black liner was a bit too obvious/not so natural. I switched to lining my eyes with brown eyeshadow, and the effect was so much nicer and more natural!

The downside of using eyeshadow as my liner is that sometimes it fades/diffuses, no matter how I prime & set my eye area. I sometimes rub my eye area and rub the liner off, and I also sweat a lot, diffusing and making the liner less visible as I go throughout my day.

I prefer using a brush to line my eyes because it helps me draw them more even/similar, so I didn't really want to get a brown pen-type liner. I was always interested in trying out gel liners, and when I found out that 3CE had one, I decided to give it a go!

3CE's Gel Eye Liner is a creamy, waterproof gel-type eyeliner that claims to be highly resistant against sweat and water. Available in black and dark brown, the dark brown variant is perfect for those looking for a natural look.

This product is available on Stylekorean for USD13.20. You get 45g of product, which seems tiny at first but actually isn't (I'll explain more below).

The product comes in a black box (which I, unfortunately, threw away before taking pics huhuhu.

Inside the box you have a glass tub filled with the cream liner + a brush to apply. The tub is made of glass and feels really luxe and heavy. I also like how they provided a brush to apply the liner with so you don't have to buy another brush if you didn't have one.

The texture is not thick at all and is quite smooth. When you use the brush to take some product, the brush immediately gets coated with the product. Its super pigmented and is easy to work with.

After using it for a while, I find that it looks like I've barely used it at all. I need very little product to line my eyes + the product is pigmented enough that I usually don't have to redip.

I used to line my eyes with my Zoeva 317 Wing Liner brush, but I've exclusively only been using the 3CE brush that came in the box for this product.

It's not exactly winged/angled, but it does get the job done very easily.

Here's a gif of how I draw my liner. I do it with my eyes open so I know what it'll look like when my eyes are open. I find this the best & easiest way for me.

As you can see, the brush is able to draw lines quite sharply + the product itself is super pigmented.

I think this is a fabulous product that is great at helping me line my eyes super fast + super great. It gives enough definition without being too dark, and I love love love the effect.

I've worn it for a few outdoor shoots now and I can attest that it is sweat and waterproof. It dries down completely after it sets and doesn't budge at all. The latest example was last week during an event I attended. I had lunch under the sun and I was sweating B U C K E T S, however, my liner stayed intact.

I think this makeup product is pretty direct. Its creamy and lines my eyes with minimal product (will last long), is affordable + is sweat & waterproof. What more could I ask for? I think one tub will last me quite a while, but I'll definitely be repurchasing this one I run out. I recommend you guys to check it out as well!

And that's it for this post! If you want to grab one, click below to be redirected to Stylekorean's where you can get it for pretty cheap.

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