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May 1, 2019

I first came across Kree via Lee Ming on Instagram. She usually sports vintage/vintage-inspired clothing, and this was a pretty modern/urban look for her:

Her top really caught my eye because of the unique shape + flowy look, and I just knew I had to get one for myself. Just a disclosure, this post was not sponsored by Kree or Fashionvalet. I bought the top with my own money!

Kree is a Malaysian fashion brand, and they feature pieces that are modern but modest. The piece I was interested in was from their Spring/Summer 19 collection called the Talie Top.

Available in 4 colours, I decided to get the nude one because I thought that it would suit me the best + would look great for The Butterfly Project's 5th birthday party on the 27th.

While browsing for people's pictures wearing the Talia top, I found out that Kree was also available via Fashionvalet is a Malaysian fashion website that ships internationally as well as locally:

They offer free express delivery shipping, a 30 day return policy + offer secure payment methods via PayPal and MOLPay.

They actually also have 4 offline stores, and I initially wanted to drop by to try the top out (to see which size I should get). After calling 4 stores, I was told that the Talia top was no longer in-store and was only available online as it was going to be discontinued soon to make way for the upcoming Raya collections. After hearing that, I decided to get it online instead. As of right now, it's no longer available on FV's site, but the other styles still are:

While browsing Instagram, I also came across jeeradoesfashion. She had a 10% off code for Fashionvalet, and since I quite liked her IG + her style, I decided to support her and to use the code. You can use the code JEERAFV too, but if you're not comfortable with using it, you can subscribe to FV's newsletter to get 10% off (click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to subscribe).

I decided to get the largest size (which was UK14). The top cost RM175 but with Jeera's code, it was RM140. That means Jeera's code actually deducted 20% off!

No complaints here!

According to FV's site, local delivery will take 1 - 2 working days and international delivery will take 3 - 5 working days. You will receive an update on the delivery status of your order.

I ordered on Mar 31 and it arrived on Apr 4. The updates via email were pretty frequent and when I asked questions via their live CS chat on the website, they were pretty helpful and responsive.

I didn't really think to take any pics of the packaging when it arrived, so I'm sorry about that! It came in a plastic bag with lots of bubble wrap. Pretty nice and secure.

Although I got it specifically for The Butterfly Project's 5th birthday party on the 27th, I didn't really think the party's venue would be a nice place to take pics in, which is why I decided to visit The Majestic a week before to shoot a mini "lookbook" with my brother.

The highlight of this top is definitely the big puffy sleeves. You actually have to tie them a little higher on your arm to create the puffs.

I paired the top with a ribbon from a separate top I got from SPAO (that I've yet to wear hahaha). I also paired it with my nude pants from Monki and some hairpins from Shopee.

They were super easy to move in, and the only thing I actually found annoying was that the straps had to be tied tight for it to not keep on falling.

To accessorise, I paired the outfit with a bracelet from my mom, some rings from Forever 21 and clip on earrings from Shopee. I thought that pearl earrings looked great but that having pearls on both ears seemed a bit too mature, so I went with my usual clip-on rhinestone earring on the other side to balance it out.

Here are some close-up shots:

I also decided to jump onto the vintage oversized hairpin/barrette trend currently going around I got a selection for quite cheap on Shopee, and you can click here if you wanna go check them out.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a close-up shot of the hair pins T.T

I really enjoyed this outfit, and I can't wait to style/curate my next look!

And I guess that's it for this post. I got a lot of love from Instagram after I posted these pics there + a lot of people in The Butterfly Project's birthday party complimented me as well. I really love how everyone's so supportive 💓

Thank you for dropping by my blog, see ya in my next post!

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