Cheapest salon to dye hair in KL • Hair Color Expert Plaza Berjaya Review

May 28, 2019

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about the cheapest place in KL that you can dye (and bleach) your hair + all about my experience. Read on to know more about Hair Color Expert!

They're Malaysia's 1st ever healthy hair colouring specialist centre. They literally do nothing else but dye/bleach hait.. First opening a branch in Sri Petaling, they have since then opened a branch in Damansara Uptown as well as in Plaza Berjaya (the one I visited). 

Pic of HCE

Hair Color Expert Plaza Berjaya
Address: Lot G027G, Ground Floor, Podium Block, Plaza Berjaya, 12, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,
Business hours: 11am to 9pm, closed Mondays

Phone: 03-2770-8011

You can easily make a booking by calling their hotline, but they recently launched an app

You'll get notifications of your booking + its super easy to see which slots are available.

The price points are the most attractive part in HCE! For someone with short hair like me, it only costs RM48.90. You also have the option to bleach your hair for the same price. Basically the price stated in their store is the price of one service, meaning if I were to bleach once + dye once, my charge would be RM48.9 x 2. If I were to bleach/dye only, it would be RM48.90 only.

The staff informed me that the normal dyeing process takes around 1 hour, but that bleaching might take a longer time.

HCE actually has a 6-step premium hair colouring process. This process consists of a consultation, the actual colouring process, waiting for the dye to develop, washing, hair treatment and quick dry. I was especially intrigued by the hair treatment part because salons usually charge extra for that. HCE however, gives it as part of the service charge.

I did my consultation on the day of my appointment itself. After browsing through their selection of colours, I decided to go with this honey brown colour:

Once you're in the chair, they literally get to work. The staff was pretty friendly and had good small chat. They wasted no time in dyeing my hair and were super super efficient.

Usually in a salon, you will just stay in your chair, but being that HCE specializes only in hair colouring, they know that sitting in a room smelling of hair dye might not be appealing to other.

This is why while you wait for the dye to develop, you will be given a timer and be led into a waiting room!

Inside the waiting room there are snacks and drinks for you to take while you wait. You can also use one of their power points to charge your phone.

After the dye developed, I was led to the washing area to wash my hair. After the dye was washed out, they began applying the hair treatment.

After the treatment, the staff blow dried my hair:

Overall the whole procedure took less than 1 hour (I think because I was the 1st customer that day). Here's what my hair looked like immediately after stepping out of the shop:

Looking pretty good! On top of the colour looking very nice, I also loved how smooth my hair felt. I have naturally straight hair, but this treatment just took it to a whole other level of soft and smooth.

On the same day I had a photo shoot scheduled, and here's how my hair looked like:

I know you're not supposed to style/put heat on freshly dyed hair, but I couldn't help it T.T I did not see any unevenness + my hair still felt silky smooth.

I did not wash my hair for the next 2 days as advised by the staff. During those two days, my hair was ultra super soft and silky. However, after I washed it on the third day, my hair was back to its normal texture (of not slightly softer). Overall my hair looked amazing during the 1st week. The colour did not wash away at all.

On the second week, I headed over to Cameron Highlands for another photo shoot. As you can see, my hair looked amazing!

My hair felt good + healthy and the colour did not wash away.

In the weeks that followed, I cut my hair and went to Bali for a holiday. Although some roots grew (which is only natural), the colour did not fade. I actually like how the roots are not obvi at all when I take pics. I did a good job with choosing the colour!

Bottom line: I totally recommend checking out Hair Color Expert! For the price and the result, they're definitely worth it. I'm going to drop by again next month to refresh my roots and get my hair pampered!

If you're interested in trying their service out, remember to download their app today.

I hope you found it informative/helpful. See you in my next post!

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