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May 8, 2019

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about The Body Shop's new Scents of Life Collection + their new makeup launches!

The Body Shop is celebrating freedom of expression this Ramadan season with an innovative new fragrance range called Scents of Life collection. Collaborating with influential women from the Middle East & influential perfumer Roger Schmid from Natura, The Body Shop's Scents of Life collection expands its existing fragrance line with 15 new fragrances that take offer a playful take on the current trend mixing & layering different fragrances to create your own unique scent.

There are 15 new fragrances available are categorized into 3 types: essence oilseau de toilettes and fragrance mists.

The essence oils offer a potent, long-lasting fragrance that can be applied directly into the skin. It contains no alcohol so it does not evaporate into the air and last a very long time. If you're someone who wants something that smells intimate, this is it! I had a chat with Roger Schmid about the collection and she said that this essence oil can even be applied before sleeping!

There are 5 types of essence oils available:

Bergamot & Patchouli (aromatic)
Ginger & Cinnamon (gourmand)
Must & Mandarin (musk)
Rose & Cedarwood (floral)
Iris & Violet (floral)

The eau de toilettes are less intimate and can be spritzed on like a normal fragrance. The scent selection for the EDTs are pretty diverse, and they're supposed to last a long time too.

There are 5 types of eau de toilettes available:

Pure Attraction (chypre)
Red Fixation (floral)
Gold Addiction (floriental)
Amber Wonder (oriental)
Spice Sensation (spicy)

The fragrance mists are the 3rd category, and they're perfect for casual wear. You can use them daily or when you're on the go, and they're very light, fresh and refreshing.

There are 5 types of fragrance mists available:

Say Yes! (floral)
My Pick (floral)
All Mine (floral)
Charm Me (woody)
Sweet Love (gourmand)

Roger Schmid (who I mentioned above) was also present for the event. Roger Schmid is a key player of the perfumery world and has been in the business for over 40 years. During those 40 years, he worked with fashion houses and luxury brands, designing unique fragrances and scents. Today, he's still a key player in the world of perfume and is in charge of the international innovations of the Natura Group (in charge of The Body Shop and Aesop among other brands).

Aside from telling us about his journey with The Body Shop + how the 15 new fragrances came about, he also gave a very insightful talk about perfumery's history + their significance in the world. It was super interesting and I learned a lot of things! For example, did you know that ouds are the result from a tree infection? And that patchouli is a green bush from India made popular during Napoleon's time in Europe?

After Roger's talk, I managed to pick 3 of my fave scents to combine and layer.

As a base, I really liked Musk & Mandarin. Its a spicy, potent essence oil infused with warm notes of mandarin, clove, vanilla and sandalwood. 

For the EDTs, I really loved Amber Wonder! Its an opulent, oriental fragrance infused with warm notes of oud wood, cardamom and amber.

Finally for the fragrance mist, I really loved All Mine. All Mine is a fruity and floral spritz infused with uplifting notes of wood, passionfruit and magnolia. 

Individually all three scents were great. However, they were spectacular when combined! When I mixed them together, they were so three dimensional and unique.

Here's my combo:

There was also a name engraving booth available at the event, and I managed to get my name etched onto my fragrance:

Aside from the Scents of Life collection, The Body Shop also showed a sneak preview of some of their new makeup products.

Here we have the Happy Go Lash, a lengthening mascara:

And here, we have 2 of their new eyeshadow palettes that will be available from May 15 onwards:

There was a makeup counter where we could touch up our makeup and try the new products. They were pretty nice, but what stood out to me more was The Body Shop team's super friendly and bubbly personalities!

Overall I think the makeup was nice + the Scents of Life collection is pretty good and extensive. They covered all the bases in terms off types of scent (from floral, woody and oriental to chypre, oriental and gourmand). You can definitely find a scent that will speak to you, and you'll have a blast mixing and matching the fragrances to create your own unique blend!

Here's me and Fufy!

If you're interested in the fragrances I mentioned in this post, you can check them out at any of The Body Shop's outlets near you! They're also available online on their e-store, and you can check them out by clicking here.

Aaaaaand that's all for this post! Thank you guys so much for dropping by. See y'all in the next post!

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