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September 8, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing about the Canmake Funfair I attended a few weeks back and their latest launches!

Canmake has been around for 33 years and has now been in Malaysia for 13 years. One of the things that I love about Canmake is that I feel like they embody the essence of the kawaii Japanese makeup look. From packaging to shades, their products are all super cute and fun! All Canmake products are pretty affordable too (with prices ranging from RM30 to RM90 only).

The funfair was held in ALYA Kuala Lumpur, and it featured lots of fun activities like a lucky box, a crane machine, a photo booth and even a cotton candy booth!

I've been using Canmake products for a while now, and I actually also got my sis into their products hahaha. Were both a big fans of their Lip Tint Jams, and I personally really love the Candy Wrap Rich Colors, Perfect Multi Eyes and the Juicy Skin Glow Bases!

Representatives from Canmake's head office in Japan were present at the funfair as well. They explained how although there are a lot of Canmake products released every year, each of them still adheres to the strictest and top quality checks. There was also a makeup demonstration by makeup artist Shiyo on Chanwon!

Along with all the cute and fun product launches, Canmake also introduced their latest mascot: Can-chan! She's super cute, and she kind of gives a bit of Chanwon vibes don't you think?

Here I am with the real Chanwon! XD

The event was super fun and I had a great afternoon trying out all the new products, playing the games and mingling around with other influencers.

So now, let's talk about the products! I plan to do a whole other post dedicated to my reviews and experiences while using these products. For today, I'll just share with you guys some info about the new products!

Canmake Marshmallow Finish Mase M (Moisture)  RM44.90

Available in two variants (M  for Moisture and O for Oil-block), this liquid base creates a marshmallow-soft supremely touchable matte skin without feeling heavy and cakey. Shiyo mentioned how it makes pores less noticeable and how it smoothens out skin texture, so I'm definitely looking forward to using this!

If you have dry skin, it's recommended that you go for M, while if you're oily (like me) you should go for O. I got O and tbh I'm not that mad about it because I've been feeling pretty combo these days! Plus hydration is never bad haha. This product also contains SPF27 PA++ and has 5 types of moisturizing ingredients in it.

Canmake Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek • RM42.90

For juicy cheeks bursting with color, these cheek blushers come in a liquid form and are available in 3 colours. They're supposed to have a buildable finish and are easy to blend out. Shiyo also used these on Chanwon and it looked pretty fresh and fruity close up!

These blushers are long lasting, non-sticky and can even be used on your lips! They also have lots of fruit and flower extracts like rosemary leaf, rosa multiflora, olive fruit, chamomile, artichoke, pomegranate and more.

Here are some of the others that I'm really excited to try out!

Canmake Transparent Finish Powder #ShinyAquamarine • RM54.90

The latest addition to their best selling transparent powders, this new variant actually comes with shiny iridescent particles! Not only does it absorb sebum and mattify the face, it also brightens and highlights it. Just look at how pretty it is in the pan!

Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes #17 Princess Bouquet • RM44.90

A new addition to the Perfect Stylist Eyes line, this new shade combo come with a moist-buttery formulation and cling onto your lids without powder fallout.

All the shades (especially the middle one) are quite pigmented, and they'd be perfect for a cute kawaii look! You can actually mix the sequence in which you use the shadows to make several eye looks, and you can most definitely use the middle shade as a highlighter as well!

Canmake Velvety Fit Colors  RM35.90

A unique product in my makeup collection, this shadow comes in a cream form! They're supposed to apply smoothly like a cream and quickly set itself into a powder.

Canmake Tokyo Lip Tint Matte • RM40.40

More known for glosses and tints, the matte lip trend has finally arrived in Japan! Available in 3 shades, this smooth lip cream spreads easily on lips and creates a rich matte lip look with a true color finish that looks like the shade in the tube. It dries quickly and can be used as a natural gradient or a bold full lip!

I also got a new shade of the Perfect Multi Eyes, and this time I got it in neutral browns! I previously reviewed shade 03 (the maroon-y one) and you can click here to watch my review + tutorial. They're very smooth & blendable, and super perfect for everyday use!

And that's it for this haul! I hope you guys are as excited as I am, because I'm definitely ultra excited to try these babies out! I'll be going to Bangkok in a few days and I'll be brining these along with me, so definitely keep an eye out for my reviews!

See you in the next post!

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