Ponybrown Plus Skin Hue Hydrating & Soothing Mask Review

August 29, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to another post! This post will be all about Ponybrown Plus's Skin Hue Hydrating & Soothing Sheet Masks.

This is actually the second part of my Ponybrown mask review, so if you haven't read Part 1, click here!

So, as I mentioned in Part 1, you're supposed to use the Black masks first followed by these Any Hue Masks (meaning if you use the black mask today, you use a coloured one tomorrow & so on). These 2 mask I got from the Any Hue range are supposed to focus on hydrating and soothing, and here's my experience using them.

This mask soothes and stabilizes skin by removing heat from the skin & using a Skin Rest Complex that contains Parsley, Green Bean Extract, Rheum Undulatum Root Extract & Manuka Honey.

As I have very acne prone skin & I just got back from traveling so I've been reaching out for more soothing products. This mask contains aloe vera leaf extract (one of my ultimate faves for soothing the skin) and green tea extract as well (which has purifying & soothing properties).

The ingredient list is pretty clean and most are green level, meaning they're very unlikely to irritate the skin.

The essence has a slight fruity scent you actually get quite a lot of essence (enough to moisturize even your neck).

The texture is thin and doesn't feel sticky/stuffy on my face (which is great, especially in a sticky & humid country like Malaysia). It absorbs pretty well into my skin and feels super super cooling even if you don't store it in the fridge!

I quite like that the mask fits my face well! Usually, with Korean sheet masks, I have to tear the nose/mouth area a bit because the holes are too small, but this mask fits me perfectly.

It's recommended to wear it on for 15-20 minutes, and after around 20 min, I can usually see that the essence has fully absorbed into my skin. After peeling it off, I pat in any remaining essence into my skin and follow up with a moisturizer.

I don't have sensitive skin so I don't deal with red/irritated skin, but I do have oily/acne prone skin. One indication that this mask worked & that it effectively soothed my skin was that I did not break out at all! No matter where I go (be it near of far) I always get pimples when I travel. I used one of these on my Penang trip and a few more after my trip, and to my surprise I had very clear skin throughout that period!

As for the cooling, it is sibeh cold and refreshing! I didn't even put it in the fridge and it managed to still seem like it was. The cooling was especially great in Penang because Penang was so hot, and it's an amazing way to relax and soothe my skin after work too. My undereyes also felt slightly more refreshed after using this (I look at my laptop for 10 hours a day so that was an awesome plus).

Overall, this mask gets an A from me! It did what it was supposed to do (soothe + cool the skin) & even did a few extra things like reenergize my skin from the coolness, make me feel refreshed and rejuvenated my eye area.

Formulated with Hydromanil (a natural active ingredient extracted from Tara Tree that provides instant and long lasting moisturizing functions), this mask aims to hydrate the skin without irritating it.

It also contains Ponybrown's skin Rest Complex (a combination of natural ingredients that help soothe and calm the skin) and the entire list of products was super clean & beneficial to the skin:

As you can see, the ingredients of this mask are mostly EWG Green level (meaning they will not irritate the skin at all). Butene Glycol is a very powerful moisturizer, and I've used a lot of products with it before this. CosDNA says that it will not irritate your skin (nor is it dangerous) but it may form acne. In my personal experience, I've never broken out using products with Butele Glycol, and the same goes for this mask. As someone who is very acne-prone, that's a super good thing!

This mask uses natural bamboo fiber for the sheet mask, and it's very comfy on the skin.

Like the soothing mask, this mask also has a slight fruity scent and there's a lot of essence inside it. It also feels very comfortable & it absorbs well into my skin. Although not as cool as the soothing mask, it's still pretty refreshing as well.

Like the soothing mask, this one fits me very well too:

It's recommended to wear it on for 15-20 minutes, and after around 20 min, I can usually see that the essence has fully absorbed into my skin. After peeling it off, I pat in any remaining essence into my skin and follow up with a moisturizer.

This mask is super hydrating, and its quite good at maintaining moisture too. Here's the reading from my Wayskin moisture reader from before I apply the mask, immediately after I took it off + 3 hours after applying it:

Even without moisturizing it managed to bring my moisture level up to 94%! Unlike other sheet masks (which are hydrating but feel thick & unfortable), this mask is pretty thin and comfy, so if you're someone who's dealing with dry skin & hates thich creams, I would recommend this mask.

Other than that, I noticed that after a few uses, my base makeup application looked so much better! Usually I get a little patchy/cakey around my mouth and nose area, but after using a few of these hydrating masks, I found that those areas don't look as bad.

All in all I think both the hydrating & soothing masks are pretty similar save for some key differences - the soothing mask was super ultra cooling on the face while the hydrating one hydrates & retains moisture on the skin pretty well. 

I really recommend these masks to all you sheet mask-holics like me out there! Not only do they work well, they're also pretty affordable. For the price they charge (RM40 for a box of 5) it comes to around RM8 each. I've tried masks that are more expensive but didn't give me nice results, so I definitely think these are a steal. Ponybrown also currently has a Merdeka promo where you can get a bundle of 8 pieces for only RM61! 😍🎉 Don't say I bojio! 

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it interesting & informative. If you'd like to read my thoughts about the Sebum Control Black Mask, click here. If you're interested in getting any of the masks, they're available in Ponybrown's official 11Street store (click here to check it out!)

You can also click here to visit Ponybrown's Facebook and here to visit Ponybrown's Instagram for more info.

If you have any questions about my experience of about the products in general, don't hesitate to comment down below or DM me on my Instagram. Till then, see y'all in the next post!

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