NYX Cosmetics Super Fans Day Pool Party

September 10, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing about the NYX Cosmetics Super Fans Day Pool Party I attended, as well as the Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation which is now available here in Malaysia!

In collaboration with Shopee for 9.9, NYX recently had an amazing neon pool party with bloggers, makeup lovers and fans here in KL. The place was super Instagrammable, and tbh if my face wasn't all made up I would have totally jumped in the pool! XD

My gang for the night consisted of Reiko, Bo, Anis, Syahira & Annika. Most of us considentally wore denim & pink, like it wasn't even planned ahaha.

Credits to Anis from thethinkerbelle.com for this OOTN shot!

The event also served as a welcome party for NYX Cosmetics' Can's Stop Won't Stop Foundation!

Alissa Ashley collaborated with NYX Cosmetics on this foundation, and it's actually one of my most anticipated drops of 2018! NYX is known to for having some great professional-grade makeup that's super affordable, and with an extensive foundation shade range (45!!) I was just...😍. Click on the video below to watch Alissa's video on it to know more!

This matte foundation will retail here in Malaysia for RM83.96, and you can get it online here.

Aside from learning about the new foundation, NYX also had a lot of fun games and activies where you could win lots of prizes! From VR dancing & Beat Saber:

To even unlimited Kurin & drinks! It was totally a house party and we were living for it!

There was also a performance by the SoulWackerz, and it was PHENOMENAL! I was actually queueing for something when they started performing and I literally ran towards the stage to get a closer view hahaha. Anything with wacking or vogueing and I'm in!

Finally, the highlight of the night was the 60 second Grab All You Can event for special fans who qualified! Pretty self explanatory, special fans were given 60 seconds to stash whatever they could into a bag, and they got to keep whatever they got!

There was also a moment where it was open to the public for 30 seconds, and there was near pandemonium ahahaha

Anyhoo, I had a great time and actually managed to meet a few other influencers/instagrammers who I only ever see online!

On the left I'm with Leo and on the right (beside my face) I'm with Sharon. I also managed to meet up with Nicole at Sharon & Shannon!

Thanks you NYX Cosmetics for having me, twas a night to remember!

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