Beige Funfair Ascot Boy OOTD

September 9, 2018

Bonjour! Today I'll be sharing about the outfit I wore to the Canmake Funfair!

The theme for the event was pink, but since I wanted to stand out (but still look like I kinda blended lol), I went for beige. Since the event was a funfair, I kind of wanted to emulate what those guys operating rides wore, especially those train rides.

Beret: Shopee
Top: Monki
Shorts: Body Glove
Shoes: Skechers

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd have noticed that I've been sporting berets quite often lately! I just find them to be super cute, and they help transform my current plain haircut from drab to fab.

Here's what the maroon one looks like

I got both this beige beret as well as this maroon one from Shopee for only RM5.68 each! (Click here  and here to view them). They're not terribly high quality and are just made from felt cloth, but they're still pretty good (and for the price...I mean that's literally Daiso price).

I got my top from Monki during a random window shopping spree, and the handkerchief was thrifted.

Handkerchief/Ascot: Thrifted
Leather & gold bracelet: Esprit

I feel like the outfit was super cute and Parisian, and it also matched well with the cafe I went to before the event! It's called One Half by Ilaika in TTDI, and you should definitely drop by if you're looking for a instagrammable cafe to chill in during the weekend.

And that was it for this quick post! Just a quick note, the pic above and below were taken by my S9. Still loving how nice the pictures look! Its super convenient for when I wanna post quick updates on my IG story.

See you in the next post!

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