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September 23, 2018

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about the YSL Beauty Hotel pop up that happened yesterday here in Kuala Lumpur!

Similar to the Chanel COCO Game Center back in May, the YSL Beauty Hotel was a pop-up event promoting their YSL's beauty products such as makeup & perfume.

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Unlike the Chanel one which was held for a week, the YSL one was available for one day and one day only, making it one of Malaysian millennials' must-go events of the year. 

YSL opened registration on their social media, and those who managed to register in time would get a QR code. Only those with the QR code were allowed entry, and plus ones with no QR code weren't allowed in. I was actually one of the first few to register but I think the fact that it was only gonna be held for one day really made people want to go, so their site crashed and a lot of people complained about not getting any response/QR code. I actually didn't get a QR code, but when I posted on my IG story that I was gonna go anyway, some super nice blogger friends of mine who got the invite but couldn't go gave me their codes! So before going any further, I'd like to thank Sharon, Nicole, Shinmay and a special blogger friend who wishes to be unnamed for the QR codes. Y'all are the best!

Anyhoo, once the staff confirms you have a code, you'll be allowed to line up. The line just to get it took us 30-40 minutes, but tbh it wasn't that bad (maybe because I had company so it wasn't too boring). People from all over Malaysia came, like my company's previous intern Karven (who lives all the way in Penang) came too!

I also managed to meet an Instagram follower!

Once inside, we first took pics by the YSL logo:

Once inside, you'll be asked to self check-in where you scan your QR code and get a physical "room key card"

*Screengrabbed from @_victoriastyle_'s Instastory because I didn't get to snap ahaha

There were a total of 3 floors: the ground floor (where you check in), the 1st floor (where you can play games and try YSL Makeup out) and the basement (where there were 2 photo-sets). As you can see below, the ground floor was teeming with people:

So my friends and I headed over to the 1st floor first:

Although the neon lights were cool:

And taking pics with our phones were okay:

I could not take any DSLR pics unless I used flash hahaha. The lighting was just so bad! Compared to the Chanel COCO Game Center, the YSL one had less light, less props and was overall not as happening I think. The allure of it being "one night only" attracted a lot of people, but in my opinion, it deserve the hype it got hahaha.

I couldn't take lots of DSLR shots because my camera's flash was faulty, and it only fired when it wanted to (like 1 in 100 shots huhuhu)

So I attempted to take flash photography with my S9, and lo and behold, it turned out quite nice!

I really need to stop underestimating my phone hahaha.

Another thing I noticed was that the beauty stations were kinda small and didn't really focus much on the new lipsticks that they were trying to promote.

There were 4 mirrors that could seat 8 people, and if the seats were taken, there was no way you could try the products out. Kind of a bummer because these mirrors were the only place you could try their products out, not like the Chanel COCO Game Center which had testers literally everywhere.

Anyways, I was really looking forward to trying the lipsticks out, especially after seeing them on @2.20_l's IG:

but aside from snapping a quick pic, I couldn't really stay and try them out because of the amount of people fighting for them.

Next, we headed to the basement where there was a red staircase + the hotel bed I saw feature in the YSL Beauty Hotel in other countries:

After some shots, we headed back to the ground floor:

Collected our goodie bags for completing the tasks (like taking pics, posting on social media, etc.) and went to have dinner.

I truly think that this event could have been better if there were more beauty station, was open for more days and had better lighting. It was just a hot mess of people trying to fight each other for pictures hahaha. Luckily, the AC was good so I didn't break a sweat even in my fur sweater, but yeah. At least the pictures came out nice.

Speaking of pictures, most of the ones in this post were taken by my S9! As I mentioned, my DSLR's flash was broken and it was too dark, so my brother ended up using my phone for most of the shots, which turned out S T U N N I N G! Which one was your fave shot?

And that's it for this post! Thanks for reading through, see ya in the next one!

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