Number 76 Bangsar Branch Hair Cut Review

August 16, 2018

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about my recent haircut + overall experience at Number 76's. Bangsar Branch!

If you didn't alraedy know, Number 76 is a Japanese hair salon that's very popular here in Malaysia (as well as in Singapore). A lot of the popular SG & MY influencers I follow are engaged by Number76, and from the looks of it, they're quite good as well. Some friends of mine also regularly book appointments at Number 76, so I thought I would try their services out for myself to see if they were really worth all the hype they were getting. 

*Just a disclaimer, this post was not sponsored and I paid for the whole thing. With that out of the way, let's get on with the post!*

If you head over to their website at, you will be prompted to select your country:

To make a booking, you can easily create an account, and you can view their salon locations as well. They currently have 1 salon in Tokyo, 1 in Singapore and 5 in Malaysia, 4 of which are in KL and one in Johor Bahru.

One thing that I noticed about Number76 is they really promote their stylists. They have dedicated profiles of each branch's stylists on the site, and they regularly promote their stylists' clients' work on their Instagram as well. I also think they ask the influencers that they engage to shout out which stylist worked on their hair because the influencers I follow shout them out whenever they drop by for a service.

I didn't have a preferred branch nor stylist, so I actually DM-ed Number76 on IG and they were friendly & kind enough to reply me with a recommendation:

Lucky for me because Calvin was stationed in Number76 Bangsar (near where I was working!). After signing up on the website (which was super easy/simple to navigate), I proceeded to make my booking)

You can choose the time slot based on the stylist's sched/bookings:

The latest weekend that Calvin was available was on August 4, 2.30pm (I made the booking on July 13), so it was a bit of a wait. I guess since they're popular they had quite the waiting list.

*On the day itself I got no call reminding me of the appointment, so just a tip: set an alarm on your phone so you don't forget!*

Address: No. 50, Ground Floor, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603 2283 1776 / 2776

Click here to view their prices.

The salon was pretty aesthetic! It had that nice vintage/Japanese, wooden zakka vibe:

My hair at this point wasn't really super long (I've had longer) but I just felt like it was getting too hot for this Malaysian summer weather:

My appointment was at 2.30 and I arrived at 2.35. Calvin was still finishing with another customer so I was asked to sit first:

I was given a menu to select a drink of my choice (FOC) and I got some tea and biscuits while I waited (I think everybody gets refreshments).

They washed & massaged my hair for 5-10 mins and tbh I don't know if it was because I was tired or if the girl was too good, but I literally fell asleep hahaha. She put a cover over my eyes and I literally knocked out.

Calvin was still busy after that and my haircut only started around 3.15. 

When he finally came around, he was very friendly and we started to discuss what haircut I wanted. I wanted an undercut similar to what I had but with better proportions (my back was too long) and after a bit of discussion & showing him some pictures, Calvin started working on my hair. He was pretty friendly throughout the whole thing, even trying to start conversation. I was a bit so awkward so um...I didn't really respond hahaha. (But tbh he looks so much better/cuter in real life so ladies pls book Calvin ahahahahaha)

At around 3.40 I was sent for a second wash (omg luckily I didn't fall asleep again), followed by some drying, final cuts, and styling. I didn't really ask for my hair to be set, but they offered so I thought why not.

By 4pm I was done, and since Calvin was a director, the haircut cost RM98. I think for hospitality, service, atmosphere, refreshments, quality and overall experience, RM98 is a somewhat justified price. It is a KL salon, and the price for senior haircuts in KLCC or other KL malls are pretty similar (if not more expensive and not as hospitable). I was expecting it to be quite expensive because they're quite popular, but I think their price was just standard city haircut price.

After paying, I was given a free member card that can be used to collect points (6% of your total bill becomes our points), and points can be used for services. I also got a RM20 voucher valid for 3 months.

I actually asked Calvin a few things about perms (because his hair was permed too) and he kindly explained how it worked to me. I kinda wanna perm my hair for my Japan trip, but I'm still deliberating. I inquired at the counter afterwards and they said that a cold perm could cost around RM250.

Anyhoo, here's the final cut!

As I mentioned, he styled it, and it was more of a Japanese wavy vibe. I guess since 76 is a Japanese salon that the style would be Japanese hahaha. It looks a bit messy here but I was kinda happy with the styling that day!

The next day I wore my bangs down and found out that they were cut pretty bluntly, still past my eyebrows:

I went on a shoot after that and tbh my hair looked nice parted:

However, I still wanted to trim my bangs a little. Not really Calvin's fault because I asked him to give me a hairstyle that could be used with my hair parted in the middle.

After some thought, I called 76 on Aug 8 and asked if I could drop by to fix my bangs. They were super friendly about it and said that I could drop by anytime for a quick trim. I told them I was gonna drop by on Aug 11 (Sat), and they said yes, but I got busy. I asked to reschedule for Sunday and they agreed, and I couldn't make it again (omg I was so paiseh at this point).

They called me again and they were so nice about it, like they really wanted me to have a good experience/like my haircut, so they arranged another session on Thursday 12pm.

The result was pretty cute! I can still party it in the middle but now it looks nice down as well:

(Wanted to snap Calvin again for you guys but that seemed a bit...stalkerish haha)

Would I drop by Number76 again for a haircut? Definitely yes! The cut was nice and the services were quite pampering, but its the customer service that really sold it to me. From the moment I entered to the after-service service. Most business/salons wouldn't really care for touchups or care for their customers after payment has been done, but 76 really went above and beyond to resched my touch up session just so I could be satisfied. Props to them! I'm actually very interested in the cold perm thing I asked about, so I might come back 3 months later once my hair's grown to try that out.

And that's it for this post! If you guys are interested in trying out Number 76 or finding out more about them, you can head over to their website or Instagram.

I hope you guys found it interesting and informative. As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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