THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream Review

August 27, 2018

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about THE FACE SHOP's Yehwadam Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream.

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream Review

I'm sure that by now, most of you are familiar with Yehwadam. If you're not, Yehwadam is THE FACE SHOP's anti-aging line, and the name is actually an acronym consisting of 3 words that represent the philosophy of the line:

YE (蘂): herbs and plants
HWA (花): flower
DAM (譚): story.

There are several ranges under the Yehwadam Range like the Revitalizing Line, Revitalizing Moisturizing Line, Heaven Grade Line, and Whitening Line, and although all these lines are for anti-aging, they each focus on a different aspect.

One of the interesting products among the various Yehwadam ranges are their capsule creams! There are currently three Yehwadam capsule creams available: the Yehwadam White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream, the Yehwadam Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream and the Yehwadam Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream (which I have!)

It's been a little over a month since I got this product, and I'm finally here to update you guys with my progress/experience with it!

Let's go!

First up, this product is from Yehwadam's Whitening Line, and it's a cream in a unique capsule form. All three variants of the capsule creams help to intensely boost the skin, and this one in particular focuses on instantly brightening the skin as well as evening it out in the long run.

Containing Snow Lotus (also known as “Emperor’s Herb” + known for its brightening and anti-aging effects) & Pearls (which protects skin from sun damage, replenishes moisture, and resists against uneven skin tone and dullness), this cream is supposed to help your skin instantly become brighter and deliver great anti-aging ingredients to the skin.

This product is available on THE FACE SHOP's e-store as well as their physical shops nationwide for RM257.90. You get 50g worth of product (pearls & essence). Do note that this product is part of THE FACE SHOP's luxury/anti-aging roster, so the price is a bit steep.

When I first got a hold of this product, I was stunned. The packaging was so unique!

It comes encased in a silver/holo box:

and the product itself comes in a mother-of-pearl inspired tub that feel expensive and heavy!

It comes with a spatula for hygienic scooping as well!

As I mentioned, this product contains Snow Lotus and pearls for anti-aging& brightening. Just a side note, I noticed that quite a few brands as of late have been featuring Snow Lotus.

After screening the ingredients, I found that the ingredients in this product range from EWG Rating 1-4, meaning they're very unlikely to irritate the skin and are safe. You can view the full ingredient list here!

This product contains immensely moisturizing ingredients like Panthenol, Beta-Glucan, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate & Glycerin. Almost every hydrating/moisturizing ingredient is in this cream! It also contains Titanium Dioxide which is good for people with sensitive skin and helps protect the skin from UV rays as well (as it's a sunscreen agent that absorbs UV).

The highlight of this product is definitely the unique form of the cream. 

The pearls are about the size of those styrofoam balls you get when you buy furniture (lol) and they're not as soft as I thought they would be. I thought they would be jelly (like the pearls in bubble tea) but it's actually slightly more solid. Made from tightly-woven natural polymers, these unique pearl capsules preserve the freshness of the active ingredients by preventing oxidation or contamination. They break open to a rich cream that absorbs easily for a velvety finish.

You're supposed to crush it and mix it evenly with some of the essence it comes with. The essence itself is very milky, and the product combo smells very nice & floral.

To use, it's advised to crush 3-4 pearls and mix it with the essence on your paluntilll it becomes a cream. I honestly find one to two pearls to be enough for me. I feel like it's moisturizing enough + cover my face quite evenly.

It does have a slight whitening/tone up to it, but not as severe as others in the K-beauty market right now. It's not super ghastly whitening like W-lab's White Holic or Klair's Mid Day Sun Lotion, and if I were to compare it, its brightening effect is quite similar to the Klavuu White Pearlsation Ideal Actress Backstage Cream. Just naturally and slightly toned up.

I've incorporated this cream into my night routine for the first week that I had it, but when I ran out of moisturizer (lol) I started using it during the day as well. I find that as a night cream, 2 pearls is quite nice. It moisturizes my skin enough and feels super cooled when I apply it. it absorbs pretty quicky into the skin and doesn't sit on top (meaning it really does sink in). Sometimes creams (especially antiaging ones) can be too thick, and they just end up sitting on top and not absorbing. With this, I don't have that problem. As for the day, 1 pearl is more that enough for ample moisturization.

I'm not a fan of wearing BB cream or base makeup to work because I prefer having my bare face breathe, but with this, it makes it look like my skin is slightly better & looks more even!

I didn't really want to go any shades lighter than my current skin tone right now because that would mean that I would have to buy new foundations & concealers lol. Luckily, after using this for a month, I found that it didn't make me look any whiter. However, it did help my scars lighten a bit and made my face look more even. I feel like the slight tone up + the dewy texture left behind also made my face look radiant!

For the anti-agin aspect of it, I think it does a pretty good job of firming my skin + making it plump and moisturized. It can be a great day moisturizer but a great night moisturizer/sleeping mask as well. I don't really have any deep wrinkles (and I don't plan on having any), but so far I feel like this product is doing a great job of preserving my skin.

As for all you oily/acne-prone people out there like me, you don't really have to worry about the texture being too thick. I think it's just perfect. Also, don't be scared of the moisturizing ingredients and if it will make your skin oilier! Oil is actually produced by the face when it thinks that its dehydrated or thirsty. By giving it ample moisture, you're letting your skin know that it can stop producing extra sebum, leading to skin with a healthy amount of oil & moisture.

I've just repurchased another moisturizer for daily use, but I'll probably continue using this product at night a few times a week for a pick me up. When I do finish it, I would probably repurchase it if I have some extra cash! I think it does everything it promises to do (brightening + anti-aging + moisturizing) and I definitely think it's a good investment for my skin's future!

And that's it for this review! I hope you guys found the info + my thoughts on the product helpful & informative 💕

If you're interested in knowing more about the product or purchasing it, you can find it on THE FACE SHOP's e-store or their shops nationwide!

Thank you guys so much for dropping by and reading my review. See y'all in the next post!


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