THE FACE SHOP Coca-Cola Collection Review

August 8, 2018

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my thoughts about some of the products from THE FACE SHOP's Coca-Cola Collection!

The Face Shop unveiled in March this year that they're having a collaboration with Coca-Cola, and the internet went cray cray! I'm not sure if it was released in Korea that same month but the collection was available in Malaysia from June 2018 onwards!

THE FACE SHOP didn't hold back, and the whole collection was actually bigger that what I initially expected! They released cushions (2 shades), an eyeshadow palette, a pressed powder, stick lipsticks (5 shades), cream lip tints (5 shades) and gel lip tints (3 shades).

No matter where you are, I'm sure you've had a childhood memory with Coke. I actually really enjoy Coke (and should probably stop to control my sugar intake lol) but it's such a great summer drink (especially here in Malaysia) that I can't help but crave for it after every meal haha. The title of this post (Taste the feeling) is one of Coke's more recent slogans, and I actually really like it. NCT also had a song with the same title when they promoted Coke!

Anyhoo, back to the collection! I received a super pretty package from THE FACE SHOP containing 4 of the products from the collection:

Y'all know I'm a packaging hoe, and the presentation, detailing + quality of these products are just top notch! I'll talk about them more down below, but please, let's take a moment to just appreciate how amazing this vintage coke fridge inspired box is 😍

THE FACE SHOP x Coca-Cola Collaboration Oil Control Water Cushion V201 Apricot Beige 

This is an oil  controlling cushion that curbs excess shine and leaves the skin feeling fresh. THE FACE SHOP has an Oil Control Water Cushion line, and this has the exact same formulation as those. 

The packaging comes in a gorgeous red & gold packaging, and it's definitely the standout product in this entire collection for me! It's available in 2 shades (V201 & V203) and the shade I got was in shade V201. If you're a person who like to use cushions, I really recommend getting this limited edition case and just refilling it with your usual shade/cushion haha. Its just so cute!

Inside it's pretty normal: you get a puff + a plate to hold the puff & cover the cushion.

The coverage is pretty good (medium to full if you layer it) and you can control how opaque you want it to be. If you have acne scars, you can layer it, but if you're like me (who's been having pretty clear these days and doesn't really require much coverage), a little goes a long way. You can just dab the puff onto your cheeks, forehead + chin and buff it out with the puff. To be honest, V201 was slightly lighter than my usual shade, but it was easy to blend out + the buffed out finished look looked quite natural on my skin.

This cushion contains Rose Powder & Citrus leaves to keep the skin matte, as well as Tasmanian Clean Water & Italian Pure Oxygen Water to hydrate and revitalize the skin. I've worn this out a few times, and although the finish is nicely matte, a super oily person like me still managed to look oily after 6 hours of wear. If you're going to be indoors, I think it should be alright, but if you're going to be outdoors under the sun, setting your makeup with powder will definitely help make it stay matte longer.

The cushion felt lightweight and comfy on my skin, and after my analysis of it's ingredients, I found that most of its ingredients have an EWG green level rating (save for a few yellow ones). Overall, the ingredients are very clean and non-irritating/non-comedogenic. I also didn't break out at all after using it a few times.

Overall I quite like this cushion. The brightening effect is pretty nice and it translates well in photos & videos. I really look airbrushed even if I don't apply a ton, and to be honest even though my oil still came through after a few hours, it's not like it broke down or looked super shiny. It still looked pretty/skin-like, and I recommend this for people with oily skin who want that airbrushed, matte look but feel comfy & hydrated.

THE FACE SHOP x Coca-Cola Collaboration Monopop Eyes Coke Red

Another standout product for me, this is the latest addition to THE FACE SHOP's Monopop Eyes line!

Packaged in a candy red casing, this eyeshadow palette comes with 9 shades and includes a mirror as well. I really like the size of the Monopop Eyeshadow palettes because I feel like they're small enough to bring when I travel + convenient enough because it has a huge mirror as well.

The 9 shades are all pretty warm neutrals save for 2 pops of colour. The colour story matches well with Coke's colours and look very fresh and summery! If you took out the first and last shade, I can definitely see a very neutral color selection that can be mixed and matched for everyday or glam looks.

There's a mix of 3 different finishes, and I would sort them into matte, glitter & metallics but there are some special hybrids too:

There are no specific names for the shades, so I'll just be referring to them via shade numbers (based on my collage above).

Shade 1, 3 and 8 are mattes, and they're pretty smooth to blend out! They're not super pigmented (like Morphe or Colourpop), but compared to Korean eyeshadows they're pretty nice already! They're pigmented enough that the colour translation from pan to eye is similar, and the good thing about them is that they're super easy to build (rather than being too pigmented and hard to blend out). I think its very suitable for a lot of idol inspired looks or if you just want to add a pop of colour to your eyes. #1 is a bit orangey which is great, and #8 is a lovely shade of muted marsala that would be perfect for a crease colour for most girls. If you're a matte brown boy like me, I think #3 would be a great transition colour.

#2 can be considered a matte as well, but its more of a hybrid because it has specks of gold shimmer. #6 and #9 are metallic shades, and they're suuuuuuper smooth omg y'all. I wish you could reach out into your screen right now and feel the texture! Out of all the shades in this palette, #6 & #9 are my faves. #6 is a cool toned bronze shade perfect for contouring the eyes and #9 is a super pigmented burgundy metallic shade perfect for either your crease or your outer V.

#4, #5 and #7 are glitter shades, and they're actually more of hybrid glitters. They have a very similar texture to the metallics, but they have more gold glitter infused/mixed into them, making them even more reflective. I think these are great for my inner corners + lid, and they colours themselves are pretty dainty and pretty. #4 is a nice peachy colour which I think girls will like + will look great by itself. # 5 is an orange-y copper shade that will be a great accent colour on tanned skin tones (like moi), while #7 is a lovely champagne colour that would work on all skin tones. They're not hard/grainy and are pretty smooth to blend out (either with hands or brush). (Eros tip: I prefer using fingers to pat on my lid colours!).

I think this eyeshadow palette is a total win. You get a mirror (which is so rare omg), nice packaging, a nice colour range + good quality shadows! If you wear an eye primer they last quite long, but on days when I just put it on my bare eyelid/on top of conceale, they still lasted pretty long. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a palette that gives them a basic set of colours for everyday use + some fun shades to spice their eye look up.

THE FACE SHOP x Coca-Cola Collaboration Coca-Cola Lipstick Ice Orange

First, this lipstick is Coke scented. Yes, Coke scented. I know what you're all thinking. "Does it taste like Coke?". I've tried licking it and I am here to report: no, unfortunately it doesn't taste like Coke hahaha. The scent, however, is super legit and it really does smell nice! The barrel of the lipstick is supposed to resemble a classic red & white coke straw as well.

This lipstick is a matte lippie that promises to glide on easily, covering the lips in a single swipe. Made with a fruit complex containing apple, sweet cherry, orange & grapefruit extract, this lippie promises to moisturize lips & smoothen lines.

Available in 5 shades, the one that I got was #3, a pinky coral shade. Out of all the 5 shades, #3 seems to be the most vibrant, and #5 seems to be the most muted/MLBB shade.

The lipstick did glide on pretty well and looks prettier in real life than here in my pics haha. Although it's matte, it wasn't completely drying or uncomfortable on the lips, which is saying something because I have ultra dry lips. I usually put on lip balm and do the rest of my face makeup first, then at the end, I wipe of any excess balm and apply the lipstick.

I'm not really a fan of stick lippies, but this was alright. I'm definitely dropping by and getting #5 because I'm a hoarder + the shade is pretty haha.

 THE FACE SHOP x Coca-Cola Collaboration Coke Bear Tint Coke Red

A gel-type tint, this tint actually has a mini snowglobe on top of it! 

Featuring a polar bear with a Coke bottle, the concept is that everytime you reapply your makeup, the polar bear is there to cheer you up! 😍 It's definitely a cute collectible, plus the tint itself is pretty.

Available in 3 shades, the one I got was 02 Coke Red, a vibrant red shade. It doesn't smell like Coke like the stick lipsticks, but it does smell sweet. The texture isn't too watery, but it's not completely gel-ish as well. I'd say its perfect for people who suffer from uneven tinted lips like me, because the texture is gel-like enough to stick to my lips/not fade and spreadable enough to be ombred.

The doe foot brush is pretty wide so it can cover my lips in quick swipes, and the end it nicely pointed enough to be able to get clean edges (if you're going for a full lip look). It doesn't immediatelty set & dries down, and you get enough time to ombre/move it around. One reason why I prefer tints over lipsticks is because they stain my lips & just overall last so much longer. If you're someone who wants a lippie that'll stay on even after a meal or if you prefer to have minimal touchups throughout your day, I would recommend this!

Since there are only 3 shades for this range, I think I'll be getting the other 2 shades just to complete my collection! XD The shades look pretty nice and I can never have enough tints anyway haha.

Overall, I'm very impressed with THE FACE SHOP's Coca Cola collection! To be honest, a lot of brand collabs get a lot of hate for being flimsy and gimmicky, but after trying these 4 products out, I feel like they're up to par with THE FACE SHOP's other products, and TFS products are generally pretty nice anyways.

If you're interested in getting any of the products I mentioned here today, you can find them nationwide in THE FACE SHOP stores here in Malaysia, and you can get them online on their e-store as well! 

Coca-Cola Lipstick  RM78
Coke Bear Tint  RM78

They're currently doing a promo where if you spend a minimum of RM110 on Coca Cola items, you'll receive a free Coca-Cola Pouch!

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it fun & interesting. If you have any questions about the products, don't hesitate to comment down below or DM me on my Instagram. Till then, see y'all in the next post!

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