Huxley Mask ; Secret of Sahara OIL AND EXTRACT Review

October 30, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to another review! Today's post will be all about Huxley's Mask; Oil and Extract.

I feel like Huxley is one of those minimalist skincare brands that is just super popular at the moment. Their packaging is super simple and they get rave reviews online, but I found myself asking myself it that was all just hype and if the brand's products were any good at all. I got my hands on these sheet masks via StyleKorean's K-Beauty Guru contest, but although I got them for free I'll be giving you guys my unbiased and honest review 😉


This moisturizing facial sheet mask combines the effects of pear seed oil and cactus extracts. Because of its unique texture, it creates a powerful synergy and gives off antioxidant and moisturizing effects.


As I mentioned, StyleKorean sent me this for review. It's available on StyleKorean for USD20.19 for 3 sheets (making each sheet mask $6.73 or RM28). Pretty steep for a sheet mask but very worth the money (keep on reading to find out why!)


The 3 masks come in a minimalistic carton:

and each mask itself comes packaged in a transparent plastic (which I think is so cool):

There are two pouches of liquid inside. The big one with the actual sheet mask is the cactus extract while the small one below is prickly pear seed oil.

The description on the back of the box is all in Korean, but there is also an illustration which says that you have to fold the small pouch around 3 times for the pressure to burst the seal. Once the seal is opened, the oil to mix with the essence.

Interestingly enough, the seal will close back again. You can then proceed to tear the mask open.


Cactus seed oil (also known as prickly pear seed oil) has lots of vitamins and antioxidants including:

1. Linoleic acid (a fatty acid that is essential in stimulating healthy cell production and turnover)
2. Vitamin E (which provides protection and helps skin retain moisture)
3. Flavonoids (which are anti-inflammatory)

Cactus oil is light and provides a huge kick of moisture to skin cells. Cactus extract is also moisturizing and provides great anti-aging effects to the skin.


The mask has a super silky ultra-fine microfiber sheet that feels light on the face and slippery to the touch. The fit of the mask matches really well with my face and I don't have to tear the nose bridge or anything to get it to sit nicely.

The extract and the oil don't really mix fully, and you can see them slightly separated. The mixture has a very plant-like smell, similar to how a broken stem or freshly mowed grass smells.


After toning, I put the mask on. Fold the small pouch 3 times until the pressure bursts the seal open. When the oil and extract are mixed, I then open the packaging and apply the mask to my face. I then apply the excess solution on my face little by little. It has quite a lot of extra juice which is always nice. Its suggested to leave this mask on you face for 15-20 minutes.


When you apply the remaining mixture onto the skin, you can feel the oiliness and see that they're not really mixed. I made the mistake of pouring all the excess juice onto my hand and immediately regretted it because there was so much leftover! Definitely add the excess little by little to avoid creating a mess.

The plant smell is subtle but can really be smelled even after removing the mask. The thinness of the mask was really comfy and I didn't feel any discomfort while wearing it. The mask feels very cooling on the skin and took about an hour to be fully absorbed into my skin. I used this mask only on weekends so I didn't really mind the wait time.

After peeling it off my skin felt super good! I don't know if it's because of the oil that was added, but my face felt ultra moisturized. The skin 


Definitely! I now know that Huxley products aren't just for pretty flatlays and that they're pretty friggin awesome. I'm definitely gonna get more of these masks and explore their other skincare products as well! I'll restock once a sale comes on or if there's any codes available.

And that's all for this post! I hope you guys found it interesting and informative. As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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  1. I have used it and I can say that the results of this oil are amazing and brilliant. You have done a good review and thanks for sharing the method to use it.


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